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There are a lot of different themes in play, packing a lot into October’s 31 days. Yet the one theme that is playing out throughout your chart is the amount of collaboration between the stars. You see it between the communication and relationship gods and you also see it between the money and professional gods, in ways that you would never normally expect. With Jupiter in his last full month in your communication sector, Venus here all month Mercury, planet of communication from the 10th October and the Sun on the 24th October, this is a big month for communication.

This is good news for Neptune and Chiron, who are spending their first, last and only full month, both in retrograde motion in your relationship sector. The news gets even better when Venus, planet of love turns retrograde in your communication sector on the 6th October, making it even easier to give the past and unsaid words a voice. There is something very special on the relationship and communication fronts on the 6th October, which is healing and has strong links to the past. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, this is a special turning point.

What is stunning is the partnership between the Sun in your income sector, Mars in your work sector and Juno in your career sector. This is the first, last and only full time they will meet up here in our lifetime. Just having planetary activity in either of your professional houses at this time of year is rare and while this is likely to create a busy month, it also has the potential to be lucrative.

Love 2017

Virgo October 2018 Love Horoscope

There is something special happening on the relationship front this month, with an opportunity for healing and creating something deeper and a lot more meaningful. When the Sun left Virgo last month, as well as bringing your birthday month to a close, this saw all planetary activity end. That is often not the case, with planetary activity often lingering for weeks and in some cases months. That is important, for without planetary activity in Virgo, there is no pressure on your relationships.

The Sun left just days before Chiron, planet of healing retrograded back into your relationship sector. Not only that, Chiron returned to find Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships in your communication sector. With both Chiron and Neptune in retrograde motion in your relationship sector, there is a lot of focus on the past and this is something Venus is about to become a lot more involved in. For on the 6th October Venus will turn retrograde herself, bringing a chance to give the past and unsaid words a voice.

With Mercury, planet of communication returning to your communication sector on the 10th October, support for your relationships will only continue. In the meantime, while all your relationship focus and some of the communication focus is on the past this month, romantic matters finally turn all their focus onto the future. While Saturn has been in direct motion in your romantic sector since early last month, it is not until the 1st October that Pluto finally turns direct as well. All and all there is a lot to be excited about on both the romantic and relationship fronts.

Money 2017Virgo October 2018 Money Horoscope

That the focus is on income matters at this time of year is a given, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of October in your income sector. This is the point in any year when the solar spotlight is on your income situation, matters and options. However, just because this is when the solar spotlight is on your income situation and matters, doesn’t mean this always reveals the same conditions. Fortunately, this year the news is all good. Venus, planet of money was the first planet to return this year and after lucky Jupiter left last October, there was a lot of untapped potential.

Maybe that is why Venus not only stayed longer than she normally does, but on the 1st November will retrograde back to spend another month here. If there is any income potential to capitalise on, Venus is not going to rest until she finds it. In the meantime, Venus has already gone by the time you move into the new month, but her retrograde turn on the 6th October will see her heading back. In the meantime, this gives you time to work with the Sun and Mercury and their more objective approach.

Until leaving on the 10th October Mercury gives you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game and to make smart choices, decisions and plans. It is during Mercury’s final hours that the Moon will return, with a New Moon on the same day creating the potential for new beginnings and opportunities. With Mercury in his final hours, you’ll have both a nose and a smart head for money. While the Sun will leave on the 24th October, Ceres is here all month, with the money gods not letting things go off the boil.

Career 2017Virgo October 2018 Career Horoscope

This is not usually an active point of any professional year for you, with rarely any planetary activity in your work or career sectors, let alone both. Yet that is exactly what you have this month and the timing couldn’t be better, for you have planetary activity in your income sector all month. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of October in your income sector, making this the most potentially lucrative point in any month. However, as you rarely have planetary activity in either of your professional houses, this has limited impact.

Yet for the first time in three decades, the Sun returned to your income sector last month to find Mars not only in your work sector, but making a rare double dip visit. With Mars not leaving until the 16th November and continuous planetary activity in your income sector throughout that time, this is creating some auspicious conditions on the job and income fronts. In the meantime, you not only start the month with the Moon in your career sector, but Juno as well.

Both the Moon and Juno, queen of commitment, only returned to your career sector in the closing hours of September, with the 1st October revealing forces in play across the income, work and career fronts. Juno is only here for 24 days, turning retrograde on the 12th October and retrograding back out on the 24th October. However, that is long enough to not only confirm a sense of professional direction, but a new sense of resolve and determination. With Mars fired up and ready to make things happen on the job front, he can take it from there.

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