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Whether you are an August or a September born Virgo, this is always an important month for you. Until the Sun leaves Virgo on the 23rd September, your birthday month and the launch of your new solar year is still unfolding. By the time you move into the new month Mercury, planet of communication and smart thinking and your ruling planet is yet to arrive. As Mercury helps you create your game plan and resolutions for your new solar year, this is something that you’re not able to work on yet.

That phase will begin with Mercury’s return to Virgo on the 6th September, just four days before a New Moon on the 10th September. This is the New Moon that always falls at some point during your birthday month, with a chance to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. With Mercury leaving on the 22nd September and the Sun on the 23rd September and then no more planetary activity in Virgo, this gives you a finite period of time to work with. That works to your advantage, allowing you to be more decisive.

It is then that both the Sun and Mercury will join forces already in play on the income front. With Mars returning for a rare double dip visit to your work sector on the 11th September and Juno returning to your career sector on the 30th September, by the end of the month there will be some serious momentum across the income, work and career fronts. Yet you have some of the big boys of the solar system policing a need for balance, especially between work and play. They are not only supporting matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative, but a sense of adventure as well.

Love 2017

Virgo September 2018 Love Horoscope

This is a big month for both romantic and relationship matters, though for different and similar reasons. The similarities are that you start the month with two planets in retrograde motion in your romantic sector and one planet in retrograde motion in your relationship sector.  Ironically you’ll end the month with one planet in retrograde motion in your romantic sector and two in retrograde motion in your relationship sector. Yet unlike romantic matters, where some and in fact the majority of the focus will shift to the future, on the relationship front it will remain on the past.

You begin the month with Neptune, in retrograde motion in your relationship sector, but he will be joined by Chiron, planet of healing who retrogrades back in for a double dip visit from the 26th September. With Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships in your communication sector from the 9th September, she is on hand to give your relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice. If a Full Moon in your relationship sector late last month brought any old issues to a head, this month brings and opportunity to give this a voice.

On the romantic front a major turnaround is taking place. It was last month that Mars made a rare double dip visit back to your romantic sector, retrograding back in three months after leaving. While Mars turned direct late last month and will leave again on the 11th September, he has returned to help you make the most of the doors open to the past and second chances. With Saturn turning direct here on the 6th September, Mars will be on hand, fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit as the tide continues to turn. Pluto won’t turn direct here until the 1st October, maintaining at least some link to the past.

Money 2017Virgo September 2018 Money Horoscope

Even before the Sun returns to your income sector on the 23rd September, something he does at this time every year, there is some serious momentum on the income front. To start with this may appear to be more a case of wishful thinking, with Venus on her own in your income sector and without any backup from the professional gods. That suits Venus, planet of money just fine, for she is able to focus on fuelling your confidence, raising the bar on your expectations and triggering the laws of attraction.

Venus will leave on the 9th September, but she leaves knowing that not only will she return in early November for a rare double dip visit, but the storm of opportunities coming your way across the income, work and career fronts. If Venus leaves you with an inflated sense of confidence, a lot of blind faith and what looks more like wishful thinking, then she will have done her job. Ceres, Venus’ sister planet slips into your income sector on the 6th September, giving the planet of money someone to pass the baton onto.

It is just two days after Venus leaves that your professional year will fire up again, with Mars returning to your work sector just 29 days after leaving. Here until the 16th November, Mars’ rare double dip visit is set to fire things up on the job front over the next two months, with Juno’s return to your career sector on the 30th September, this will flow into a general professional upgrade. By the time Mercury returns on the 22nd September and the Sun on the 23rd September, with a smart head for money and the objectivity to focus on the details, you’ll have a very real chance to turn Venus’ desires into reality.

Career 2017Virgo September 2018 Career Horoscope

All is fairly quiet on the professional front at the start of the month, as you would expect at this time of year. By the time you reach September all the planetary activity on both the job and career fronts is long since over and not due to start up again until next year. However, that is not how things will feel, especially with Mars having just left your work sector last month, with the promise that he would return. Having already spent three months here and with a total lunar eclipse during that time, Mars stepped out in order to let things settle.

Mars will return for a rare double dip visit to your work sector on the 11th September and the timing couldn’t be better. Here now until the 16th November and back in direct motion, Mars has three months of experience and you’ve both got 20/20 hindsight to draw on. This is an opportunity for a do over, starting over again but with a practice run already under your belt. The reasons why the timing couldn’t be better, is that this comes just as things are starting to move and come together on the income front.

By the time the Moon returns to your work sector from the 20th September to the 23rd September, you will have had a chance to adjust to having Mars on board. This is when you’ll get a better read on the undercurrents on the job front and on where Mars’ work passions, fighting and competitive spirit are drawing you. In the meantime, the Moon will move through your career sector from the 2nd September to the 5th September and will then come full circle on the 30th September. These will be important days across the income, work and career fronts.

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