Taurus August 2017 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


While Venus will leave your income sector on the 1st August she will leave you with a lucrative sense of direction that will prove crucial this month. For with a lunar eclipse in your career sector on the 8th August and Jupiter moving into his final two months in your work sector on the 11th August, there is some serious traction to be gained on both fronts. It was last month that Venus aligned with both Jupiter and the South Node, the forces behind this month’s lunar eclipse. It is not only a lucrative sense of direction that will ensure Venus’ work will continue, but you remain confident.

On the 1st August Venus joins Ceres in a job that will take the two goddesses of the solar system together to pull off. The biggest challenge these two sister planets face is making their gift compelling enough for you to seize it with both hands. That gift is the gift of connecting, being able to give your heart a voice and not just open the communication lines, but in a compelling way. Venus will remain in your communication sector until the 26th August, but Ceres will stay on for another month.

Venus is the planet of love and guardian of your relationships and Ceres the queen of nurturing. Yet the problem they face is convincing you how important this is. For they know what you don’t, in that on the 11th August you will be just two months away from your most important relationship year in over a decade. A year that will extend from October 2017 to November 2018. Both will be gone from your communication sector by then, which is why the work is being put in now. Work that goes beyond words or any one conversation, but to the heart of how you want and need to connect.

Love 2017Taurus August 2017 Love Horoscope

The Sun will always return to your romantic sector in August, shining the solar spotlight on matters of the heart from the 23rd August. This year things kicked off early, with Mercury’s return on the 26th July. This was just 21 days after Venus, planet of love left Taurus and that’s significant. When Venus moves through Taurus, the planet of love helps you define your romantic desires and expectations for the coming year. However, often it can be three months between Venus’ departure and the first planet to reach your romantic sector.

For while Venus spends her time in Taurus cementing your romantic desires and expectations for the coming year, it is once the planets return to your romantic sector that brings a chance to turn those desires into reality. So to wait just three weeks rather than three months is huge, ensuring those desires and expectations are still strong, clear and haven’t had time to be eroded by your inner critic. From the get go it was clear that Mercury is in no hurry, for while he will normally spend just 15 days giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page, he’ll spend the whole month here.

That is because Mercury will turn retrograde on the 13th August, opening the doors to the past and second chances 10 days before the Sun is due to open new doors. With Mars and Venus not returning until next month, this is the start of a romantic chapter that will continue through to late October. The Moon will move through from the 22nd August to the 25th August, with romantically charged lunar vibes in play when the Sun returns.

Money 2017Taurus August 2017 Money Horoscope

Even though Venus will leave your income sector in the early hours of the month, she will not only make an imprint on income matters this month, but on financial matters as well. Venus’ departure on the 1st August brings a period of continuous planetary activity that began in April to a close, an unbroken chain that exploited different income aspects and possibilities. That it was Venus, planet of money that was the last to leave is significant.

For if anyone knows where the money is Venus will. Venus will leave you with a lucrative sense of direction that will serve you well throughout the coming year and especially during Jupiter’s final months in your career sector. A lunar eclipse in your career sector will fall just a week after Venus left your income sector and whatever this triggers professionally, you can be sure there will be lucrative implications. It is the Moon’s monthly visits that will bring a chance to sharpen your nose for money and tap back into that lucrative sense of direction, something that will happen every four weeks.

The first visit after Venus’ departure will run from the 16th August to the 18th August. As mentioned at the start, this will have financial implications as well. For Venus was the last planet to move into opposition with Saturn in your financial sector. Not for this year, but for the last time while in your financial sector for another 28 years. With Saturn turning direct on the 26th August and then leaving in December, Venus was again the perfect planet to bring the financial wakeup calls you needed.

Career 2017Taurus August 2017 Career Horoscope

Have you ever had that pressure of having a deadline, having to go for an important interview, speak in public or put yourself out there in a way that there is pressure, but positive pressure? That’s the kind of pressure there might be on the job front in the first half of the month. This isn’t the work tension and job pressure you experienced in the first half of the year. This is constructive and productive pressure that gives you the push to put yourself out there.

It is those situations where we are under pressure to do or be more, but we are in the arena, bloodied and battled, but it is showing up that allows us to prove our mettle and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. On the 11th August Jupiter will move into his final two months in your work sector, not to return for another two years. And until the 8th August Jupiter is under pressure from Pluto. Not an opposition, which can create real work tension and job pressure and which you know all about from the past. This is the pressure that pushes you to make things happen and get things done.

Coincidently the 8th August is when a lunar eclipse in your career sector brings the potential to bring career and professional matters to a head, turning and/or tipping point. This comes as there is a push to make Jupiter’s final months in your work sector count. That whole period, centred around the lunar eclipse on the 8th August and Jupiter moving into his final two months on the 11th August, could see a rallying call go out across the professional front.

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