Taurus March 2017 Horoscope


While the work tension and job pressure that came to a head last month is likely to still be running high in the early days of the month, it will then start dropping back dramatically. This has been a strange one for you, in that this is not usually something you have to deal with and especially not at this time of year. Yes, the last few months have given career and professional matters a boost, but with the Sun always spending the last 10 days of January and the first three weeks of February in your career sector, that was par for the course.

You don’t usually have work tension and job pressure at this time of year, because there is never usually any focus on job matters at all. Yet for the first time in 12 years you have lucky Jupiter in your work sector, meaning that where there is pressure there is also opportunity. In his first full month in retrograde motion, Jupiter is focused on making the most of the past, second chances and untapped potential on the job front.

This couldn’t be a problem, except a line up of planets in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart would rather you spent your time navel gazing. If you haven’t already, there’s a need to see this as simply a call to working smarter, keeping your work hat on but honouring a need for time to hear yourself think. Tensions will have already begun dropping back by the time you reach the 10th March, but even if they haven’t this is the point that everything will change.

On one hand this will take Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos out of the mix and out of opposition with Jupiter in your work sector. Yet it is Mars’ return to Taurus that will all of a sudden see your energy levels, passions and fighting spirit kick in. From that point on you’ll lose your taste for navel gazing, ready to get stuck into the things that excite you, professionally and personally.

Love 2017Taurus March 2017 Love Horoscope

A sense of romantic confidence has been growing since late January, when a New Moon ushered in the Year of the Rooster. This is an especially auspicious year for romance, love and matters of the heart for Taurus and it will continue right through to February 2018. However, it is only as romantically charged as it is destined to become and already has, because the conditions are already so favourable.

Lucky Jupiter only left your romantic sector last September, so there was already a huge amount of romantic momentum, some of which has yet to even be accessed. At the same time the North Node has been in your romantic sector since November 2015, creating a favourable romantic wind that will continue to draw matters of the heart and all things romantic forward until leaving in May.

It was a combination of the romantic climate being so favourable and ripe for any kind of support and the Year of the Rooster coming along at just the right time that tilted the romantic scales in your favour. And it’s here that they will stay until February 2018, with the element of fate in play through to the 10th May. Yet while this romantic influence is now firmly established and is focused on moving romantic matters forward, a sense of romantic nostalgia deepens this month.

Venus, planet of love returned to a nostalgic part of your chart in early February, a move that should have put her just 24 days away from Taurus. Instead, Venus will turn retrograde on the 4th February, taking her and your heart into the deepest reaches of love’s memory lane, parts not visited in eight years. This will see Venus open the doors to the past and second chances.

Money 2017Taurus March 2017 Money Horoscope

While the most lucrative months of not just 2017 but in two years don’t kick off until next month, this is something you’ve been working towards for months now. When things do kick off, income opportunities will continue to unfold right through to the end of July and include some of the most potentially lucrative conditions in over a decade.

It will be Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos that kicks things off when he returns to your income sector next month, a visit he makes every other year, kicking off the most lucrative months in two years. However, it has been 36 years since Mars last returned to your income sector to find lucky Jupiter in your work sector. But that’s next month, so what does that have to do with this month?

You might still be waiting for income opportunities to open up, but already Jupiter is not only in your work sector but in retrograde motion, going back over ground already covered. The Sun and Mercury both only left your career sector last month, with plenty of focus and attention on getting this professional year up to speed. It’s the professional momentum, all that has been invested over recent months and the job growth ahead that is already laying the foundations for income opportunities ahead.

The Moon’s visit to your income sector from the 4th March to the 7th March will bring the nose for money that Jupiter in particular will need. In the meantime, while the professional gods are preparing for the income opportunities ahead the money gods are more focused on seeing you stick to your financial resolutions, keeping money matters on track. To this end there should be a growing sense of financial confidence, finding it relatively easy to stick to your financial objectives.

Career 2017Taurus March 2017 Career Horoscope

You can be forgiven for feeling that this is anything but your luckiest year for work matters in over a decade, with lucky Jupiter not only in retrograde motion in your work sector but under an extreme amount of pressure. The pressure is coming from a line up of planets in a reflective part of your chart, who are determined to see you pull back and spend time navel gazing. This isn’t your normal, garden variety kind of navel gazing, with some major Eureka moments and dreams being born. The reality is, this is exactly what Jupiter needs.

In retrograde motion Jupiter needed help to apply the brakes and in retrograde motion, he needs a much slower approach to work matters. You’re slowly retracing your steps, making sure no stone has been left unturned and in general making the most of the doors open to the past, second chances and any untapped potential. The Sun and Mercury only left your career sector last month, so this really is a month to pull back. Instead of work tension and job pressure getting in your way it is trying to help you and as soon as you realise nothing is broken and therefore needs fixing the better.

The less you fight it and instead relax into it, the sooner you’ll enjoy the benefits. It’s later next month, when the same planets that are in opposition now return to your income sector and the benefits from holding back will emerge. Mercury only left your career sector days before March began and the Moon just hours later, allowing you to start the month with your head in the game and your professional instincts sharp from the get go. The Moon’s return to your work sector from the 13th March to the 16th March will give you an intuitive read on both Jupiter and work matters. By then tensions will be easing back and their message will be easier to read. You’ll get a better read on career matters from the 23rd March to the 25th March.

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