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Venus’ departure from your work sector on the 6th June might take your heart out of the game and bring an epic visit to a close, but this is far from the end of the story. A strong partnership of income, work and career forces have built up around Venus that leaves you with a lot of confidence. As The North Node spends its first full month in your career sector in 17 years, this has opened the door to a new 18 month period of growth and fateful developments that will take until November 2018 to run its course.

With income developments continuing to unfold until December and job developments until March 2019, this has now taken on a life of its own. Yet these are major forces that are playing a long game and Venus’ departure means this won’t have such a narrow focus. Venus will turn her attention onto your relationships, where she has some making up for lost time.

Until he leaves your relationship sector on the 7th June Mercury, planet of communication will work to ensure the communication lines are open. This will ensure that when Venus returns on the 6th June she has the best possible start. This opens the door for what is destined to be a special month for relationship matters. This comes in a month where there are some fun, playful and adventurous forces developing. With Venus gone from your work sector you might finally be able to find the right balance between work and play. You might remain just as busy, but life won’t seem like the hard work that it has been over recent months.

Love 2017Scorpio June 2017 Love Horoscope

There is something special developing on both the romantic and relationship fronts this month. The month begins with Mercury in your relationship sector which is surprising, for he returned on the 1st April for what should have been 15 day push to give your relationships a voice. It was Mercury’s retrograde turn that saw him retrograde back out three weeks after arriving, only to return during the Sun’s final days in your relationship sector last month.

Mercury will leave on the 7th June, but not until Venus returns on the 6th June. It’s as though Mercury has been waiting for the planet of love and guardian of your relationships to arrive before he has permission to leave. This isn’t so surprising, for a parade of planets have moved through your relationship sector since early February. Since then Ceres, Mars and the Sun have moved through, but Mercury is the only planet that has spent time with every force now that includes Venus.

This also means that when Venus begins her month long visit, there is every reason to have the communication lines open from the get go. Even when Mercury leaves, with Pluto in retrograde motion in your communication sector all month you’ll have plenty of support. This month will also see the doors open to the past and second chances on the romantic front. It begins with dreamy Neptune’s retrograde turn in your romantic sector on the 16th June and will continue with Chiron’s retrograde turn here on the 1st July.

Money 2017Scorpio June 2017 Money Horoscope

This month’s financial conditions remind me of one of those old ‘Spaghetti Westerns’, where one gunslinger says to the other gunslinger, ‘this town ain’t big enough for the both of us’. Except instead of gunslingers you have Mars and Saturn in opposition or at least you had, until the final hours of May. Financial tension will still be easing off in the early days of the month, but at the same time most likely turning into motivation.

For the third time in as many years, but for the last time for another three decades, the Sun returned to your financial sector on the 21st May and Mercury will return on the 7th May, to find Saturn in opposition in your income sector. Both will move into opposition with Saturn in their final days and this will see financial tensions rise in the days leading up to their departure on the 21st June. However, the difference is that they are malleable, able to bend to the conditions, see this as a conflict between income and money matters and work out how to use this to your advantage. Mercury’s smart head for money and the Sun’s transparency will look at both income and money matters objectively and any tension between the two.

Not Mars and Saturn. Saturn doesn’t move for anyone and anyone who tries to tell Mars what to do will have rebellion on their hands. Saturn is the old man of the solar system and Mars the young buck. Their standoff saw neither yield. This created a lot of financial tension in the final days of May, but moving into June there will be a new sense of confidence and determination on both fronts.

Career 2017Scorpio June 2017 Career Horoscope

With Venus leaving your work sector on the 6th June, just as the North Node is spending its first full month in your career sector in 17 years, you know this is no ordinary month. Just having Venus still in your work sector at this time of year is remarkable. The last time Venus was still here at the start of June was in 2009. And when you consider that she returned for what should have been a 24 day visit in early February that is even more remarkable.

This has all been because of Venus’ retrograde phase, one that saw her spend two months in your work sector before retrograding back out. With the first month in direct and second in retrograde, this saw Venus retrace the same steps for a second time. This also meant that when she returned four weeks later she then retraced the same steps for the third time. It was only in the second half of May that Venus finally reached ground she hadn’t crossed before. Importantly that was the ground where the big boys play and here she was able to align with the major forces that will keep the wheels turning on the job front long after she’s gone.

In the meantime, the North Node’s return to your career sector last month has created the potential for major and fateful new career growth. The full implications won’t be felt until a total solar eclipse here in August, but the forces behind what this might trigger are already in play. With Saturn in your income sector until December 2017, the North Node in your career sector until November 2018 and Uranus in your work sector until March 2019, things will continue to unfold across the income, work and career fronts for a long time. A Full Moon in your income sector on the 10th June could have ripples across all three fronts.

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