Scorpio January 2018 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


If it was possible the gods would have hung a banner in the heavens that read ‘welcome home’, for this is your year, a year that you need to take ownership of from the get go. The rest of us will all get a reflected impact from lucky Jupiter’s position in Scorpio until November, but you get the real thing. While Jupiter has been in Scorpio since October and this kicked off a new 12 year cycle of expansion, it was Mars’ return last month but also what happens at the start of this month that makes this the month to claim the future in both hands.

Mars and Jupiter have met up in Scorpio before, the last time being 2006. But there are two things that turn a coming together of the planets of passion and luck in Scorpio from something auspicious and game changing. The first thing is an actual alignment and the last time that this happened was in August 1982, 36 years ago. The second is moving into the New Year together, for this allows them to start the year on a lucky and impassioned foot from the get go. The last time that Mars and Jupiter started the year together in Scorpio was in 1971. This year you have won the cosmic jackpot, with Mars and Jupiter not only starting the year in Scorpio but aligned, for the first time in our lifetime.

From the get go this is your year and with Mars not leaving Scorpio until the 27th January, the first four weeks are all about making your mark and making a stand. This is your year and you need to do it your way. This will colour everything else and will have a positive impact on matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative. This will also give you an edge across the income, work and career fronts, but at the same time gives you control of them rather than income, work and career matters taking control of you.

Love 2017Scorpio January 2018 Love Horoscope

On face value this is a low key month for both romantic and relationship matters, there is either support or plenty to be excited about on both fronts. On the relationship front, this is more a mix of outside support and a sense of anticipation, with 2018 destined to be a major year for relationship matters. To start with though, apart from a sense of anticipation, the focus is more on the support that is coming from communication forces. That the year starts with the communication gods fielding their most powerful team in decades, is a clue to the magnitude of the relationship developments ahead.

For the same year that begins with Venus, planet of love in your communication sector and has Saturn spending his first full month here in decades, is also the year that will host the biggest relationship developments in eight decades. While these are still a few months away, already this is something that the communication gods are preparing for. You even have Mercury, planet of communication in your communication sector from the 11th January.

On the romantic front, there is something to get excited about now, with Neptune and Chiron both starting the year in direct motion in your romantic sector. There is nothing unusual about that, in that this has been your reality for the last six years. The difference this year is that they are being backed by Mars and Jupiter, with the planets of passion and luck starting the year aligned in Scorpio. This is helping to fuel your romantic dreams and passions from the get go. That romantic support will remain strong all year.

Money 2017Scorpio January 2018 Money Horoscope

While the month and the year will begin with the Moon in your financial sector and the Moon will come full circle and return for a second visit later in the month, all the cosmic weight is still on your financial situation and money matters. Yet after three years of fairly stable and predictable patterns in play on the income front, the script has been changed. In December 2014 Saturn returned to your income sector, where he would spend the next three years demanding that you take your power back and take responsibility.

That three year mission finally ended just before Christmas and within five days both the Sun and Venus also left your income sector. You start the year with Mercury the only planet left, turning a heavy, continuously driven area of your chart into something light and very focused on the now. Saturn was all about taking responsibility for the past and ownership of the future. Yet until leaving your income sector on the 11th January, Mercury is giving you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game and focus on what you can do right here and right now.

Having only turned direct on the 23rd December, Mercury will crawl to the exit, giving you time to think things through. Mercury’s departure from your income sector on the 11th December will leave you with no planetary activity for the first time in three years, with a chance to let things settle. However not for long, with Mars returning on the 27th January to begin a seven week mission to exploit as much potential as possible.

Career 2017Scorpio January 2018 Career Horoscope

A slow start to your professional year is just what you need. The year gets off to such a slow start that it is unlikely to feel like a new professional year at all, not at the start anyway. But again, after a busy year, this is just what you need. You begin the year with all three planets in your two professional houses in retrograde motion, but also barely moving. Ceres turned retrograde in your career sector a week before Christmas and while she is starting to trek backwards, is still at a crawl. Not due to turn direct until March, this is giving you a chance to go back over old ground, making sure there is no untapped professional potential. With a total lunar eclipse here on the 1st February, it is important to let career matters play out naturally.

You also start the year with Uranus and Eris in retrograde motion in your work sector, but here they aren’t just slow, they have come to a standstill. That is because they are stationary, ready for a U turn that will see the tide turn on the job front and work and job matters start to move forward. Uranus is the first to turn direct on the 3rd January, with Eris turning direct a week later, on the 10th January. While this will shift your focus on the job front from the rear view mirror to the road ahead, with both taking weeks to start inching forward, don’t expect work and job matters to race forward.

It’s not until the Sun, Mercury and Venus return in March that the pace will pick up, giving you a chance to take the first two months of the year slowly. With Ceres turning direct in your career sector in March as well, this is the point where things will take off. Across the income, work and career fronts this is a chance to let things settle.

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