Sagittarius March 2017 Horoscope


While you’re likely to notice that those around you are stressed this is something that you’re largely immune to. The planet itself is under pressure from a massive opposition between Jupiter and most of the planets aligned in fellow Fire sign Aries, but you’re unlikely to be impacted in the way that the majority of your cosmic mates are. There are a number of reasons for that. The first is the nature of the areas of your chart this is impacting, namely your romantic and friendship sectors. At most this is going to challenge your excuses and push you out of your comfort zone.

The second is your relationships to the main players this month. Saturn is a critical player this month, in that while there is a major opposition in effect, he is on friendly terms of both sides. Moving through Sagittarius, this is giving you a sense of confidence and personal empowerment, but it also means that you’re the one that others are likely to come to for support. Sensing in you something calm, steady and confident, you’re the rock that most will want around them.

As your friendship sector is under pressure, it could be that your biggest challenge this month is supporting and being there for others. Jupiter is putting a massive amount of pressure on the planets moving through Aries, but for you that turns into a massive advantage. For that mass of planets are located in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and they include Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion. With Mars always ready to fight back and from the 4th March Venus bringing the potential for second chances, this has simply declared war on old excuses. This will also keep Mars’ return to your work sector on the 10th March in check, able to enjoy the benefits and opportunities this will open up on the work and job fronts, without life becoming all work and no play.

Love 2017Sagittarius March 2017 Love Horoscope

To say that there is something special developing on the romantic front is an understatement and even to say there are once in a lifetime developments is an understatement. No one on the planet, Sagittarian or any other sign, has ever or will ever experience the spell you’re under this month, putting you in virgin territory. While this most potential chapter began with Mars’ return to your romantic sector in late January and is compounded by Venus, planet of love’s return early next month, this only partly explains what is happening.

The real power behind the romantic throne is Eris, dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system, who has been in your romantic sector since 1926. Unless you are over 90, she has been there your entire life, waiting patiently in the background, for the right conditions to come along. Something was triggered with Uranus’ return in 2010, but it has taken them seven years to slowly inch together, aligning for the first time in your romantic sector in eight decades, from 27th February to the 19th March.

With Venus and Mars here as well, the planets of love and passion were the icing on the cake. Mars’ triple alignment with Eris and Uranus in the later days of February was the first here or in any area of your chart for hundreds, if not thousands of years. When we talk about rare, this is as rare as it gets. What are the odds then that Venus, who normally moves through your romantic sector in 24 days, should see what’s happening and decide she’s not going anywhere. Instead Venus will turn retrograde on the 4th March, spending her second full month here in retrograde motion.

Venus is backing up, wanting to not only savour this, but go back for a do over. Mars will leave on the 10th March, but by then the die will be caste and some of the most romantically charged forces ever will be unleashed. So what can you expect? You’re on your own for this isn’t in the text boxes and maybe Astrologers in years or decades from now will still be trying to figure it out. What I do know is that Mercury’s return on the 14th March will help you get your head around this and the Sun’s return on the 20th March will throw the solar spotlight on matters of the heart. The Sun returns at this time every year, so I can only imagine the shock he’ll get to return and find what has been happening in his absence. This romantic wave will continue right through to June.

Money 2017Sagittarius March 2017 Money Horoscope

It was early last month that something subtle and phenomenal started to develop across the income, work and career fronts. It began a few days earlier, when the Chinese New Year ushered in the Year of the Rooster, an especially auspicious year for career and professional matters for Sagittarians. With Jupiter having just left your career sector last September and the North Node here until May, even if this did nothing more than provide a more favourable professional wind, there was already enough in the wind to benefit.

This was just as Mercury was tying up loose ends on the income front, ready to leave you with a smart head for money and plenty of momentum. Yet just days before Mercury’s departure and just days into the Year of the Rooster, Juno returned for her first visit to your income sector in four years. Normally back for two to three months Juno, queen of commitment will in fact remain until December. It was just days after Juno’s return that fellow dwarf planet Ceres returned to your work sector to begin preparations for Mars’ return on the 10th March. Individually developments on the income, work and career fronts, within the space of just eight days, weren’t game changing, but collectively they have locked into place something that will remain in place for the rest of the year.

Mars’ return to your work sector on the 10th March will be the first fully fledged planetary influence, but kicking off months of expanding work opportunities and job growth, this will allow income opportunities to thrive, all while there is a favourable professional wind in effect. By the time the Moon moves through your income sector from the 21st March to the 23rd March Mars will be well established in your work sector. A nose for money will trigger what should be an auspicious few days across the income, work and career fronts.

Career 2017Sagittarius March 2017 Career Horoscope

Last month brought some nice surprises across the income, work and career fronts, with small but subtle developments across all three fronts within the space of just eight days providing a confident framework. With two dwarf planets having taken the driver’s seat on the income front, another dwarf planet on the work front and a favourable wind having kicked in on the career front, these forces were no threat to the big boys of the solar system.

They were also no threat to you in that these are more of a case of seeds being planted and a slow release of confidence, subtle enough that it hasn’t alerted your defences. Nothing has been required from you, you don’t have to do anything, there are no choices to make and therefore no fear that you might get it wrong or miss something. These are just forces that have quietly moved into place, sleeping there to ensure that things slowly and gradually start going your way.

Or at least that has been the case until now. Things become a lot more real when Mars returns to your work sector on the 10th March, just under five weeks after Ceres’ return early last month. Since then this dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system has been preparing for Mars’ return. This has been subtle, but has been a gradual steering of your focus towards an examination of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. That closer look at what you want and need on the job front will continue even after Mars’ return, but it also means that you’ll know what you’re fighting for from the get go. There is nothing subtle about Mars’ return, kicking off the busiest months of 2017, with job growth and work opportunities continuing to unfold right through to the end of July. There is every reason to trust that this will also be a lucrative period.

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