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November is the month when the lines between the past, present and future blur, but this year this is being brought forward a month and they are already blurred from the get go. The reason why the lines are blurred in November, is that the Sun begins the month long wind down of your old solar year on the 24th October, spending the first three weeks of November in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart. Then over the course of November the Sun and usually Venus and/or Mercury start returning to Sagittarius, blurring the lines between the past, present and future.

Yet you begin the month with not only Jupiter in his last full month in this nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, but Venus as well. Venus will take this even further by turning retrograde here on the 6th November, taking an already nostalgic trip down love’s memory lane even deeper into the past. Yet from the get go there is also a sense of anticipation, for Jupiter’s last full month here means that he is getting closer by the day to his return to Sagittarius next month. While Jupiter won’t return to Sagittarius until the 9th November, Mercury will return on the 31st October, with new doors opening in the closing days of the month.

What lies in wait in October is not just the start of your new solar year, but on the 9th November you will begin a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion, with major new doors opening. In the meantime, you are playing the waiting game, with a chance to close old doors and reflect on a journey that began back in 2007. In the meantime, the stars also dial up a stunning month for communication, friendship and relationship building, as well as a more settled and less busy professional month. Fortunately, things will also start to move on the income front.

Love 2017Sagittarius October 2018 Love Horoscope

While there has been continuous planetary activity in your romantic sector since 1926, this has become more low key of late and this month it is being stripped right back, ready for some rebuilding next month. After a Full Moon in your romantic sector late last month and Chiron, planet of healing’s departure the next day, things have gone quiet and despite how that sounds, this is a really good thing. For Eris, in your romantic sector since 1926, is spending her first full month on her own in eight years and her last for decades to come. It is the silence this creates that gives you a chance to hear the love god that has been your guardian angel since birth.

With Uranus retrograding back in next month and Mars on New Year’s Day, this is a chance to regroup. In the meantime, this creates some space for relationship matters, at a time of year when there is rarely any planetary activity on the relationship front. When the Sun left your relationship sector in June, this should have and usually does bring all planetary activity for the year to a close. However, literally in the closing hours of September, both the Moon and Juno, queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships returned.

The Moon will leave on the 2nd October, but this will ensure you’re paying attention from the get go. This is Juno’s first visit to your relationship sector in four years, but she is only here for 24 days. Juno will turn retrograde on the 12th October and retrograde back out 12 days later, on the 24th October. This is a very short chance to dip your toe in the water, get a look at what you want and need from your relationships and then commit to it. And the timing couldn’t be better, for you have Mars in your communication sector all month.

Money 2017Sagittarius October 2018 Money Horoscope

While the tide finally finishes turning on the income front on the 1st October, things may still be moving slowly and that’s the way you want it. Saturn turned direct in your income sector early last month, just as Mars had retrograded back for a short double dip visit. With Pluto still in retrograde motion, Mars left and this may have created a sense of frustration. Mars is a planet that makes things happen and gets things done, but with Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion, the brakes were on.

When Pluto finally turns direct on the 1st October those brakes are finally released, but most if not all of the urgency is gone. With the Sun not returning until just before Christmas and Venus and Mercury in the New Year, there is no hurry. You’ve got a juggernaut that nothing can resist and even if things move slowly, you know you’re going to get there. With the Sun and Mercury having left your career sector late last month and Uranus spending his last full month in your work sector before retrograding back out next month, there is a chance to regroup.

With the lunar nodes returning to your two money houses early next month, the North Node to your financial sector and the South Node to your income sector, apart from a series of eclipses over the next two years, the pace will pick up. For now income matters are in a strong position, they are moving forward and there are no barriers in the way. With the power to move mountains if you have to and all the time in the world, this is a case of quietly and confidently starting to move forward. The Moon’s return to your income sector from the 15th October to the 17th October will be a valuable chance to get your bearings.

Career 2017Sagittarius October 2018 Career Horoscope

When the Sun and Mercury left your career sector late last month, it was not unusual for this to bring all planetary activity there to a close for the year. What is not usual, is to have planetary activity on the job front pick up the slack, keep the momentum going and the professional gods busy. Normally, when the last planet leaves your career sector each year there is no more planetary activity in either of your two professional houses and with nowhere to go, the professional gods are forced to leave the field.

This year, when the Sun and Mercury left your career sector, the professional gods in play there simply packed up shop and joined those already in play on the job front. This has left you with a sense of professional direction and a clear path forward professionally, but on the job front there is almost a retrenching. Uranus is spending his last full month in your work sector before retrograding back out early next month while Juno, who only left on the 30th September, will retrograde back in on the 24th October.

With Juno here until next February, this will ensure that when Uranus leaves next month the professional gods will still be employed, but it also means that the focus will remain on the rear view mirror. This makes this month all about regrouping, as you review your options on the job and career fronts. The Moon will come full circle from last month’s New Moon in your career sector from the 6th October to the 8th October, which could trigger unexpected developments. Meanwhile, the Moon will provide an intuitive window into work and job matters from the 25th October to the 27th October.

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