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Whether you are a February or a March born Piscean, until the Sun leaves Pisces on the 21st March this is your month. While there is a Piscean Sun overhead you’re in a world that speaks your language and in an energy that you know and relate to. While the rest of us might struggle to operate in dreamy Piscean energy, especially when the Sun aligns with dreamy Neptune in the early days of the month, this is where you thrive. You’re able to build castles in your imagination and retreat into them whenever you can manage to beg, borrow or steal a few moments.

However, don’t think that you’ll be spending the month with your head in the clouds, for there are some major developments across the income, work and career fronts this month. As Mercury returns to your income sector on the 6th March and Venus on the 7th March, it will be clear that this ordinary event is anything but. Along with the Sun’s return on the 21st March, Venus and Mercury’s return to your income sector is something that happens at this time every year and for the last eight years, Uranus has been waiting, with the engines revving. Yet this year you not only return to find Uranus revving his engines on the career front, but that the same is happening on the income and job fronts as well.

With Mars leaving your career sector on the 18th March and Uranus moving into his final two months in your income sector, there is a sense of urgency about this that means after eight years things are finally coming together. Mars represents everything that you have invested professionally for three years, a real chance that everything you’ve been working towards for years will start coming together. This includes across the income, work and career fronts. Don’t be put off by a bumpy start to the month, with a Full Moon in your relationship sector on the 2nd March seeing the Moon move into opposition with all six planets in Pisces. This will make sure you’re not asleep at the wheel.

Love 2017Pisces March 2018 Love Horoscope

Don’t be put off by the bumpy start to the month, for all is not what it seems. The Moon will return to your relationship sector on the 1st March and before leaving on the 3rd March will move into opposition with all six planets in Pisces. This includes an opposition with the Sun that will create a Full Moon on the 2nd March. You will always have a Full Moon in your relationship sector at some point during your birthday month, so for that reason this is a very ordinary event. The difference this year is the amount of planets you have in Pisces and that the Moon returns on the 1st March, hitting you in the face from the get go.

However, the first and last planets the Moon opposes suggest that this is more an opportunity than a challenge. The first planet the Moon will oppose is Juno, queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships, who is still in her first full week in Pisces. The last planets the Moon will oppose are Venus, Mercury and Chiron on the 3rd March. A clue to the significance of this is that Venus, Mercury and Chiron are the planets of love, communication and healing. With Chiron, in Pisces since 2010, leaving next month, this may bring any relationship issues to a head, but this can trigger the start of the healing process.

Once the Moon is gone Venus, planet of love will get on with the job of making the most of her final days in Pisces. Before Venus leaves on the 7th March, she is charged with defining your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year. The Moon’s visit to your romantic sector in the final days of February and a Full Moon in your relationship sector in the early days of March have given both those jobs a boost. With no planetary activity on the romantic or relationship fronts, the first week of March is going to define your expectations on both fronts for the coming year. The 7th March is when the real journey starts.

Money 2017Pisces March 2018 Money Horoscope

This is a big month for income matters, much bigger than is the case at this time every year and to a point where this could be a game changer. March is always the month that the focus and the solar spotlight is on your income situation and matters. Even before the Sun returns on the 21st March, as he does at this time every year, things can start moving. For while Venus and Mercury will always travel with the Sun, they can often arrive several weeks before or after. This year they arrive several weeks before the Sun, Mercury on the 6th March and Venus on the 7th March. In any other area of your chart this would give you a head start, but with Uranus in your income sector since 2010, here you get a running start.

Yet Venus and Mercury have returned to team up with Uranus for the past eight years so this year should be no different, but from the get go it will be clear that things are very different and for two important reasons. The first is the professional support. With Mars in your career sector until the 18th March and both Ceres and the North Node in your work sector, you have the kind of professional support you don’t usually have at this time of year. The second reason is the game changer and that is that with Uranus leaving in May, this is the last time that the Sun, Mercury and Venus will meet up with the planets of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected here in our lifetime.

They know that they need to make this count, as does Uranus. Venus will leave on the 31st March and while the Sun, who returns from the 21st March is here for a month, only one planet will help you see that through and that is Mercury. Mercury normally moves through your income sector in 15 days, giving you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game. Instead Mercury will turn retrograde on the 23rd March and won’t leave until the 14th May. That’s just two days before Uranus leaves on the 16th May. Uranus and Mercury are cut from the same cloth and from the moment Mercury returns on the 6th March his message to Uranus will be ‘let’s bring this home’.

Career 2017Pisces March 2018 Career Horoscope

You have reached a stunning month across the income, work and career fronts, but also a point where one last push will get you to a point where you will finally be able to pull back. While Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos has only been in your career sector since late January, he returned just 16 days after over three years of planetary activity wrapped up, including the three years that Saturn has spent here. There was a small window of opportunity to catch your breath between the 11th January and 27th January, before you were back in it again.

Mars will finally leave on the 18th March, but he is on a mission to achieve as much as he can and to leave things in as good a shape as possible. For while there will be no planetary activity on the career front once Mars leaves until Mercury returns at the end of October, lucky Jupiter will return just days later to kick off your biggest year for professional growth in over a decade. You’ve been through the boot camp and Mars is working to leave you with as much momentum as possible. It is telling that Ceres will turn direct in your work sector on the 19th March, just a day after Mars leaves. This will ensure that as Mars moves on, work and job matters come back on line.

With Venus in your income sector from the 7th March to the 31st March, the Sun from the 21st March and Mercury from the 6th March to the 14th May, this comes at the most potentially lucrative point in the year. At the same time that Mars is wrapping up all planetary activity on the career front for now, Uranus is doing the same on the income front, with a lot of help from his friends. Together this creates a stunning month across the income, work and career fronts, with a lot of support and connection between the three.

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