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This month you have the best of both worlds and while that doesn’t always carry into the remainder of the year, this year it does. Those two worlds are what continues to evolve across the income, work and career fronts and what is happening in your personal life. Until Saturn left your career sector on the 20th December, you have had to have your professional hat on for the last three years or show up and constantly take responsibility for your personal and professional goals and ambitions. Whatever it is that has been driving you to succeed, this hasn’t let you rest between December 2014 and December 2020.

Yet you still have Mercury in your career sector until the 11th January and Mars will return on the 27th January to spend seven weeks exploiting all the potential for the last three years. There is a turnaround on the income front on the 3rd January and work and job matters continue to yield new and untapped job potential. Income, work and career forces continue to work as a tight unit and the year not only gets off to a good start on all three fronts, but this will continue. The difference this month and for the rest of the year is that this will no longer consume you for it is no longer the driving force in your life.

So what is? The driving force this year is Jupiter’s position in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery until November and Saturn, who is in the first full month of his three year visit to your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking. Both are surrounded by support this month. Mars will continue to fuel a passion for adventure until leaving Jupiter on the 27th January. At the same time, the Sun will always start the year in your friendship sector. With Venus here until the 18th January, the Sun until the 20th January and Mercury from the 11th January to the 1st February, Saturn has plenty of support.

Love 2017Pisces January 2018 Love Horoscope

Having the Moon return to your romantic sector on New Year’s Day is a lot more fortuitous than it would have been had the Moon returned on the 1st December, rather than the 1st January. A month can make a huge difference and that is because the professional climate is now a lot more love friendly. Even the Moon’s last visit to your romantic sector for 2017 had to shout to be heard over the professional maelstrom, which only just began to ease back just before Christmas. This is barely at a whisper at the start of the month and while it will pick up again later in the month, the love gods are more than ready to seize this window of opportunity.

And seize it they do, for the Moon not only returns to your romantic sector on New Year’s Day, putting romantically charged lunar vibes in play at the start of the month but will create the first Full Moon of 2018 here, on the 2nd January. With no planetary activity in your romantic sector, this is a chance for the spirit of romance to get your attention from the get go, with these lunar vibes having a megaphone. The love gods are used to having to shout to be heard and as Saturn only wrapped up a three year visit to your career sector in late December, they might think they still need to. This time the love gods will be shouting in a still and quiet room, making it all but impossible to miss what this Lover’s Moon is telling you.

If how a year begins is going to have an impact on what is to follow, then this is a good omen for what is to follow. The Moon’s return to your romantic sector on the 29th January will give these romantically charged lunar vibes a chance to tap back into the Full Moon energy from the early days of the month. This might also see anything triggered at the start of the coming month come to fruition when the Moon comes full circle, in the final days of the months. By then there will be a new sense of romantic nostalgia in play with Venus, who starts the year in a social and serendipitous part of your chart, returning to a nostalgic part of your chart on the 18th January.

Money 2017Pisces January 2018 Money Horoscope

Across the income, work and career fronts there is some serious regrouping taking place in the early days of the year. While there is still a strong band of brotherhood between income, work and career forces, the dynamics have shifted and they are still changing. Saturn’s departure from your career sector just before Christmas has seen the major professional drive of the last three years drop back and there is a chance to regroup. You start the year with Uranus and Eris in their final days in retrograde motion in your income sector, Mercury in his early days in direct motion in your career sector and Ceres in her early weeks in retrograde motion on the job front.

The bond between income, work and career forces will continue through, but the dynamics within the group are changing. Career forces have been the driving force that is shifting and in the early weeks of the year it is income forces that are set to take that position. It starts with Uranus’ direct turn in your income sector on the 3rd January and is followed a week later, by Uranus’ direct turn on the 10th January. This is just a day before Mercury’s departure from your career sector on the 11th January leaves it empty, for the first time in three years.

That won’t be the case for long, with Mars returning to fire things up on the career front from the 27th January. This will give Uranus and Eris time to gain some momentum on the income front, with income forces set to gain in strength, momentum and speed over the coming months. Mars returns to wrap things up on the career front, while Uranus and Eris are waking up to finally drive income matters forward. It was just last month that 16 months of planetary activity on the financial front ran it course, with income matters finally finding their time to thrive.

Career 2017Pisces January 2018 Career Horoscope

Don’t be surprised if there is some confusion at the start of the month, as you wonder how to play things. For the first time in three years, you begin the year without Saturn in your career sector and without that driving push to be on your game 24/7. While Saturn left your career sector on the 20th December and the Sun on the 22nd December, Venus didn’t leave until Christmas Day. If you’re coming back after time out over the holiday period, you will find very different conditions in play. As you wait to be slammed by the professional gods, scolding you for time out or losing your focus, you’ll have a long wait.

For the professional gods themselves are taking a break, leaving behind just two planets across both your professional houses. Yet those two planets, Ceres in retrograde motion in your work sector and Mercury, in his early days in direct motion in your career sector, are in no hurry. This has seen the frenetic pace of your old professional year ended with gone and a more relaxed, take your time feel. Mercury only turned direct two days before Christmas and until leaving on the 11th December is retracing steps already taken twice before.

You’re able to start the year with your head in the game, but with no urgency. Then when Mercury leaves you’ll be left with no planetary activity on the career front, for the first time in three years. The biggest danger here is in not seizing the opportunity this brings to take your professional hat off and let things settle. For this is just a temporary lull, with Mars’ return to your career sector on the 27th January all of a sudden firing things up again. This will kick off what could be the busiest seven weeks of the year, as Mars returns to exploit all the potential you’ve laid the seeds for over the last three years.

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