Libra March 2017 Horoscope


You can be forgiven for thinking that this is anything but your luckiest and most expansive year for personal growth and opportunities in over a decade. Though despite any pressure you might be under, you will know in your heart that you’re being pushed out of your comfort zone, but also standing up for the things that are important to you. When lucky Jupiter returned to Libra in September he not only kicked off a 13 month stay that is making this your most expansive year in over a decade, but a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion.

This is your foundation year, a year for finding yourself and your most authentic path forward. Jupiter turned retrograde early last month, with his first full month in retrograde motion a chance to reflect. Yet an opposition with a line up of planets in your relationship sector late last month, not only brought personal and/or relationship tensions to a head, but seems to have put every man and his dog’s need before your own. Or at least that’s how it will feel, with any tension coming from the fact that you’re fighting back, asking ‘what about me’.

That’s when you’re able to wake up to the fact that this was all part of the plan, with the universe testing just how many times your own needs can be blocked before you start fighting back. This really is a stunning month for relationship matters, but also an important month for personal growth. Once you figure out how to balance the two you’ll turn this into a real opportunity.

The heat will go out of this when Mars leaves your relationship sector on the 10th March. At the same time, Mars’ return will bring a chance to direct all that warrior energy into your financial situation and money matters. March will always be an important month for work matters, but where in most years you’re just getting the ball rolling by this point in the year, this year you’re already tying up loose ends.

Love 2017Libra March 2017 Love Horoscope

Some of the most stunning relationship forces ever to come together not only assembled last month, but came together in an extraordinary way in the later part of February. The problem is that this has come just as Jupiter is making his first visit to Libra in 12 years and in retrograde motion, has the misfortune of running in opposition with a massive masse of relationship forces.

An opposition between the two began late last month and will continue into the early days of March. Yet with lucky Jupiter on one side and Venus, planet of love on the other and Venus herself meeting Jupiter more than halfway, this can’t help but work out well. A lot of what is coming together at the moment is because of two planets that normally operate in the background.

They are Uranus, in your relationship sector since 2010 and Eris, in your relationship sector since 1926. That’s right, unless you are over 90 she has been here your entire life. Uranus is making his first visit in 84 years and their alignment from the 27th February to the 19th March is a once in a lifetime event. With Mars on board as well, his triple alignment with both in the closing days of February is beyond a once in a lifetime event. This hasn’t happened in hundreds, if not thousands of years and won’t happen again. With Venus on board, it is fair to say that there are the most extraordinary relationship conditions ever.

Yet they are all in opposition with Jupiter until the 6th March, with luck valiantly advocating for your own needs, in his first visit here in 12 years. Uranus was here 12 years ago, so the most spectacular relationship conditions ever, are being met with the fiercest opposition from your own needs ever. Mars’ departure on the 10th March will take his warrior spirit out of the mix, but it is Venus’ return on the 4th March that puts her in synch with Jupiter, also in opposition in Libra. Between them the planets of love and luck will spend the rest of the month working on a once in a lifetime compromise between your personal and relationship needs.

Money 2017Libra March 2017 Money Horoscope

While income matters that will always play out in the later months of each year might sometimes spill into the early part of the next year, money matters themselves don’t usually come to the attention of the money gods until April. Even then, with the Sun not returning to your financial sector until around the 20th April each year, it’s not until the later part of April.

So to move into March with your money hat on and the focus on money matters is not the norm or that it has been for nearly a month by that point. To be fair the focus is fairly low key, but it is the stepping stone to something you won’t need to wait until April for. Ceres, the dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system returned to your financial sector last July, but after three months retrograded back out.

Ceres is a support planet, in that she doesn’t trigger things in her own right and here, her focus is on updating your financial needs and priorities, so that when money matters move you’ll know what you’re working towards. With no likelihood of money matters moving in the second half of 2016, Ceres wisely put her visit on hold. The fact that Ceres returned early last month, was a sign that money matters were finally getting ready to move. And move they will when Mars returns to your financial sector on the 10th March.

Mars won’t leave until the 21st April, the day after the Sun returns so will be here from the 10th March right through to the start of your annual financial review, six weeks later. Mars is a planet of action, a planet that needs to make things happen and get things done. By the time Mars returns Ceres will have been here for nearly five weeks, ensuring that by the time Mars returns and fires up your financial passions and fighting spirit you know exactly what you’re fighting for, with the battle lines already drawn.

Career 2017Libra March 2017 Career Horoscope

The solar spotlight will always be on your work situation and matters at this time of year, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of march in your work sector. The first thing that strikes you however, when you look at what is happening on the work front this month, is where is everything? You have Mercury in your work sector until the 14th March and the Sun until the 20th March, but no New Moon and apart from the Moon’s visit from the 25th March to the 28th March, this is all you’ll see of the professional gods.

When looking at things on paper what it doesn’t do is take into account all the water that has already passed under the bridge or tailwind from a solar eclipse in the closing days of February. You moved into the year with Mars not only here but aligned with Neptune, in your work sector until 2026. This allowed you to literally start the year with your dreams and passions aligned. Venus, who returned in early January spent a whole month fuelling your confidence, desires and expectations, as well as attracting opportunities.

Both Venus and Mars have long gone, with the Sun and Mercury here to help tie up loose ends. Until the 14th March Mercury will give you the intellectually savvy edge and articulation needed to keep your head in the game, working smarter and making choices, decisions and plans. Yet when the Sun leaves on the 20th March you’re unlikely to feel ready to tie up loose ends and there is likely to be plenty of unfinished business. It’s the Moon’s visit from the 25th March to the 28th March that will bring your first real sense that the professional gods aren’t finished, with Venus returning for a rare double dip visit early next month. Due to spend the majority of April in your work sector, this is when Venus will squeeze out every last opportunity.

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