Libra May 2017 Horoscope


There is no doubt that 2017 has been challenging at times, with a lot of planetary focus on your relationships, just as Jupiter is making his first visit to Libra in 12 years. A lot of oppositions between the two have created some personal and/or relationship tension at times. That completely turns around this month and for two reasons. One reason is that pressure between them really has dropped back. The other is the support. Mars is spending the whole of May in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, fuelling a passion for adventure and a hunger for life’s richer experiences.

This puts Mars at a friendly aspect to Jupiter, so even if nothing changed life would seem easier and a lot more exciting. The other reason is that at the same time that you’re getting a lot of support, so too are your relationships. Both Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and communication are making double dip visits to your relationship sector.

Mercury is here until the 16th May but Venus will stay all month. With Saturn spending his first full month in retrograde motion in your communication sector, that communication support will continue. But the biggest impact is Venus. Venus is looking out for your relationships, but she is also looking out for you. The planets of love and luck might be in opposition, but they’re both committed to finally finding a balance between your personal and relationship needs.

Love 2017Libra May 2017 Love Horoscope

When the Sun left your relationship sector last month Venus, Mercury and Mars had all been and gone. This made this the point where the Sun would normally hand the reins over to Uranus and Eris, the caretaker crew charged with keeping the wheels turning. However that didn’t happen, for just a day later Mercury, planet of communication retrograded back in for a double dip visit. Then on the 29th April Venus, who had left 26 days earlier, returned for a double dip visit as well.

This is where things stand as you move into May, with Mercury and Venus both back for a double dip visit and Mercury, planet of communication in retrograde motion. This is a real opportunity for a do over. Mercury won’t retrograde back far enough to move into opposition with Jupiter, in Libra and the only planet creating any pressure will be Venus. The planet of love will move into opposition with Jupiter on the 19th/20th May. Venus is not only the planet of love and guardian of your relationships, but as your ruling planet she is backing both sides. She is here to advocate for your relationships, but as your ruling planet she will always back you.

Along with the support of Saturn, in his first full month in retrograde motion in your communication sector, this might finally be when you crack the code and finally find the right balance between your personal and relationship needs. Saturn will spend the whole month in retrograde motion in your communication sector but Mercury, planet of communication, will turn direct on the 4th May. Be prepared for some unexpected romantic developments from the 10th May, as the North Node returns to your romantic sector to kick off a fateful romantic chapter.

Money 2017Libra May 2017 Money Horoscope

The focus is always going to be on money matters at this time of year, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of May in your financial sector. That is still the case this year, with the difference being how much water has already passed under the bridge. The Sun’s return each April is normally the point where money matters get their first lot of attention for the year and by early May you are usually just starting to get your bearings.

Yet when the Sun returned on the 20th April Mars had already been here for six weeks and Mercury for three weeks. They both left during the Sun’s first 36 hours, but not before leaving you with your financial passions and fighting spirit fuelled, a smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight. Mars won’t be back for two years, but having retrograded back out Mercury will return for a double dip visit on the 16th May. This means Mercury won’t be back in time for a Full Moon in your income sector on the 11th May, which is good and bad news. Bad news because you won’t have Mercury’s smart head for money to draw on as financial tension rises and there is pressure on both income and money matters.

However, the good news more than compensates for that, especially as Mercury left you with a smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight last month. The good news is that this is a stripped back Full Moon. All you will have is the Moon in your income sector, in opposition with the Sun in your financial sector. There will be no other factors in play and nothing complicated. This is the push that money matters need, but also a kick start for income matters. This can be a fruitful and lucrative Full Moon, so watch this space.

Career 2017Libra May 2017 Career Horoscope

Venus’ departure from your work sector on the 29th April is something you’ll still be adjusting to in the early part of the month. Though this is partly because things are still developing. Venus had left your work sector in early February, which usually means you won’t see her again for another year. However, for just the second time in your lifetime Venus did a U turn and came back for a double dip visit, two months after leaving.

That double dip visit ended less than 48 hours before you moved into the new month. While Venus’ return was a chance to retrace your steps, an opportunity for do over and to ensure no stones had been left unturned, there was another reason. On the 10th May the South Node will leave your work sector, where it has been located for the last 18 months. As well as being responsible for a series of eclipses here over the last two years, the South Node has also kept you connected to the past. At the same time this has been a time of completion, where you have been held back in order to finish things up.

The South Node’s departure on the 10th May will sever those links to the past and this is when work matters will start expanding forwards. It’s just a day later that a Full Moon in your income sector will work to capitalise on that. With Neptune here until 2026 and Chiron until the 2019, there is a caretaker crew that will keep the wheels turning on the job front. However, with Mars returning to your career sector early next month, this is also a chance for a quieter month, where things are able to play out, especially on the job front.

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