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This is one time when you can be forgiven for being thankful that 2017 is over, with 2018 feeling very different from the get go. The changes happened gradually in the last months of 2017 and last month in particular. But from the get go what you will notice is a lot less pressure on both you and your relationships. In its place, the year gets off to an auspicious start across the income, work and career fronts. You begin the year with Mars and Jupiter aligned in your income sector, getting this already lucrative year off to an auspicious start.

While work and job matters don’t open up until next month, a close alliance between income and job forces is creating a sense of confidence on both fronts. In the meantime, they and career matters get a boost from a Full Moon in your career sector on the 2nd January. This is the first of two Super Moons in the early part of 2018, the first in your career sector on the 2nd January, which give a boost across the income, work and career fronts. Yet while this is a big year for income and job matters and a growth year, it is clear from the get go that your personal life is just as important.

As Saturn spends his first full month in your home and family sector in three decades, this is the start of a major three year focus on home and family matters. Saturn might demand that you take responsibility and there may be more demands on the home and family front this year, but there are no challenges and you’ll get back far more than you invest. This month will also see a turnaround on the relationship front in the early part of the month, while matters of the heart and all things romantic get a boost from the 18th January. You can have it all, but with the right work/life balance.

Love 2017Libra January 2018 Love Horoscope

You have reached an important month for both romantic and relationship matters and for once this is for all the right reasons. On the romantic front, there is a slow and steady rise in confidence that began building last month. While there has been something fateful in play on the romantic front since last May, this was buried under a lot of relationship pressure throughout 2017. It was in December that two things happened to give romantic matters a boost. The first was that Mars’ departure from Libra finally took the pressure off your relationships. The second was Juno’s return to your romantic sector.

As the queen of commitment, Juno has helped you to rebuild your sense of resolve, allowing you to start the year with new romantic commitments. This will prove its worth when Venus, planet of love returns to your romantic sector on the 18th January and the Sun on the 20th January. With a solar eclipse in your romantic sector next month, this is the start of some extraordinary months on the romantic front. With the Moon passing through from the 17th January to the 20th January, romantically charged lunar vibes will be in play when Venus, planet of love returns on the 18th January.

In the meantime, just having the pressure off your relationships is huge, but in the early part of the month, the tide will start to turn. It begins with Uranus’ direct turn in your relationship sector on the 3rd January and continues with Eris’ direct turn a week later, on the 10th January. Without the pressure that was on your relationships last year, this is a chance to learn from the past but put it behind you. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, this is a new starting point.

Money 2017Libra January 2018 Money Horoscope

It is hard to imagine a better start to the financial year. You not only start the year with Mars and Jupiter in your income sector, but moving toward an alignment from the 6th January to the 9th January. The last time the planets of passion and luck were in your income sector at the same time was in 2006, but to move into the New Year together takes it to a whole new level. There is a moment when we get to catch the momentum from the New Year hype and make a decision on what kind of year this will be.

Starting the year with Mars and Jupiter aligned in your income sector is a bell that can’t be unrung, a moment that will put a stamp on the year itself. The last time you began the year with Jupiter and Mars in your income sector was in 1971, so this needs to be seized. Yet with Mars not leaving until the 27th January, that moment lasts for the first four weeks of 2017. After that, for the first time since arriving in October, Jupiter is on his own and it will stay that way until Venus returns in September.

Yet it is one thing to start the year with a real advantage on the income front as you move into what has the potential to be your most lucrative income year in over a decade, but you need some kind of professional leverage. Fortunately you have that. Lucky Jupiter will have the support of Neptune in your work sector throughout the year. However, it is a Full Moon in your career sector on the 2nd January that will give this new financial and professional year the jump start it needs. For now the focus is on income matters, but with major financial developments ahead, pay attention as the Moon moves through your financial sector from the 25th January to the 27th January.

Career 2017Libra January 2018 Career Horoscope

To say that you get a dream start to your new professional year is no exaggeration, for you quite literally get a dream start. Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies has been in your work sector since 2012 and has been through all kinds of highs and lows since then. Yet right now Neptune is riding on a high and the peak of that wave is reached just as you move into the New Year. It was earlier last month that Neptune aligned with lucky Jupiter in your income sector, for the first time here in our lifetime. Then, in the closing days of the year and over the holiday period, Neptune went on to align with Mars in your income sector.

With Mars and Jupiter aligned in your income sector in the early days of the month and Neptune and Jupiter continuing to work together all year, this gets an auspicious year for income and job matters off to an auspicious start. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus not returning to your work sector until next month, but Mercury arriving on the 1st February, this gives you a month to settle in and get your bearings. However, it is not just the support from Mars and Jupiter on the income front that gives Neptune, work and job matters their dream start.

It is the Moon’s return to your career sector on New Year’s Day that will do more than sharpen your professional instincts and give you a sense of professional direction in the critical early days of this new professional year. A Full Moon on the 2nd January will get the year off to an auspicious start. This is a Super Moon, with the Full Moon a lot closer to Earth and therefore closer and more potent. This gets the year off to an auspicious start across the income, work and career fronts and is anything but a false start. This is a professional year that will over deliver on its promises.

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