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Your new birthday month and new solar year doesn’t begin until the Sun returns to Libra on 23rd September, something that happens at the same time every year, always has and always will. While Venus and Mercury will always move with the Sun, they can and do sometimes get ahead and when they get too far ahead they are pulled back. This year this is exactly what happens when Venus and you get to benefit from both her early return on the 7th August and the fact that she will be pulled back for a double dip visit in a few months’ time.

Because Venus returns so far ahead of the Sun, even though she is here until the 9th September she’ll still be gone before your birthday month and new solar year begins. This allows Venus to make a stand alone visit. Venus will return for a double dip visit after your birthday month is over and it is then that she will focus on updating your desires and expectations for your new solar year. Because she will return and your birthday month is still so far away, this means Venus can save that for later, focusing more simply on being the planet of love.

Venus returns to find Mars not only in your romantic sector, but in retrograde motion here for the first time in 47 years. After a total lunar eclipse in this fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart late last month, Venus returns to find the atmosphere already romantically charged. Venus also returns to find both planets in your relationship sector in retrograde motion, but for the first time in four decades that Chiron, planet of healing is on board. While most areas of your chart are looking good this month, it is your relationships, matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative that look especially good.

Love 2017Libra August 2018 Love Horoscope

When Venus, planet of love returns to Libra on the 7th August she is in for quite a shock. Even her return this early in the year is not the norm and in fact, returns so far ahead of the Sun that she will be pulled back, forcing a retrograde turn which will have huge romantic implications over the coming months. When Venus returns on the 7th August there are no other planets here and with the Sun not returning until later next month, the planet of love will spend her whole time here on her own.

Two things are surprising from the get go. The first is that Venus is here so early and the second is that the relationship tension that has greeted planets returning to Libra over the last eight years has dialled back dramatically. In its place is a new opportunity for healing. Yet what is truly shocking is that Venus will return to find Mars in your romantic sector. There is usually no planetary activity in your romantic sector at this time here and to have Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos here is something that hasn’t happened in 47 years.

In retrograde motion, Mars is still enjoying the benefits of a total lunar eclipse in late July, one that has blown the doors to the past and second chances off their hinges. Mars will retrograde back out on the 13th August, but will return for a double dip visit next month. Venus will be gone by then, but she will retrograde back into Libra in early November, where they spend over two weeks together. What the planets of love and passion are able to start in their few days together this month, from the 7th August to the 13th August, will come together in full bloom in the first two weeks of November.

Money 2017Libra August 2018 Money Horoscope

As Jupiter spends his first full month in direct motion in your income sector, he is starting to gain some momentum. This means you should start to see signs of movement on the income front, but don’t worry if this is just small signs. It is Venus’ return early next month and the two months she will spend here, that will see the planets of money and luck come together to really get things moving. For now, it is more about small steps in the right direction.

The Sun only left your career sector late last month and with a solar eclipse 10 days earlier, this left you with plenty of momentum and a clear sense of professional direction. Yet with Neptune, now the only planet in either of your two professional houses in retrograde motion in your work sector, there is no longer the urgency or the push there once was. Instead, as Jupiter and Neptune move towards their third alignment since last December, but also their last between Jupiter in your income sector and Neptune in your work sector in our lifetime, they are keeping in step.

This alignment will dominate the month, but will be exact from the 13th August to the 23rd August. It is during this auspicious time for both income and job matters that the Moon will move through your income sector, from the 16th August to the 19th August, sharpening your nose for money. In the meantime, Uranus’ retrograde turn in your financial sector on the 8th August allows money matters to take a back seat, while income momentum gets its turn. This changes the dynamics of your financial year, putting income matters back in the driving seat.

Career 2017Libra August 2018 Career Horoscope

After the Sun left your career sector on the 23rd July the professional push has dropped back, but with it the professional pressure or work/life balance tension. During the month that the Sun had spent in your career sector, as well as shining the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options, he built strong relationships with Jupiter in your income sector and Neptune in your work sector. That was the case for Venus and Mercury, who had both moved through your career sector just before the Sun.

With a solar eclipse on the career front last month, with Jupiter and Neptune coming together this month to create some auspicious conditions on both the income and job fronts, the professional momentum gained over recent months is in safe hands. However, with Neptune in retrograde motion on the job front, the urgency has dropped back dramatically, which combined with a drop in professional pressure is likely to see any stress levels bottom out.

With Venus returning to your income sector early next month to spend two months helping lucky Jupiter bring things home, it is becoming more about the money. With Neptune in retrograde motion any forward momentum on the job front is something you’ll need to get out and push and there is no reason nor inclination to do that, unless it’s about the money. With the next four months the most potentially lucrative in a decade, the more it becomes about the money the more important it becomes to work smarter.

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