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Across most aspects of your life but especially on the personal and relationship fronts, you can breathe a sigh of relief this month. It was the Sun’s departure from Libra on the 23rd October that not only brought your birthday month to a close, but 12 days after Jupiter left as well, this took the pressure off you and your relationships. In their final days in Libra, both the Sun and Jupiter moved into opposition with Uranus, in retrograde motion in your relationship sector.

Even if their departure just took the pressure off that would be enough, but from the 5th November to the 15th November, an alignment with Saturn in your communication sector peaks. With Saturn leaving your communication sector next month and Uranus starting to leave your relationship sector next year, this is the last time they will ever meet up here again in our lifetime. Yet it comes just as the rebuilding can begin. Mercury, planet of communication will even return to your communication sector on the 6th November, to help with this. In the meantime, while the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in your income sector, for the first time in over a decade Jupiter is here as well.

Unlike Mercury, who will leave on the 6th November, the Sun on the 22nd November and Venus who will move through from the 8th November to the 1st December, Jupiter is not just passing through. This is Jupiter’s first full month in a 13 month visit and the start of your luckiest and most lucrative income year in over a decade. This is what both planets on the work front have been waiting years for.

Love 2017Libra October 2017 Love Horoscope

Things become a lot more settled on the relationship front this month, to the point where there is something special developing. That is despite the fact that Venus and Mars are still in Libra and there are still some oppositions to go. This time is different, for when Venus moves into opposition with Eris on the 2nd November and Uranus on the 4th November, it will be in her capacity as the planet of love and guardian of your relationships. The clashes between the Sun and Jupiter as they moved through Libra were by forces with their own agendas. It was your needs in competition with your relationship needs, with both sides not giving an inch.

While you have learned from this, Venus’ opposition with both planets in your relationship sector is the game changer. Venus might be moving through Libra and is therefore looking out for your interests, but as the planet of love and guardian of your relationships she is also looking out for your relationship interests as well. Finally, you’re able to see both sides of the fence to find the balance you need. With Mercury, planet of communication not only returning to your communication sector on the 6th November but staying for over two months, this is when the rebuilding phase begins.

Uranus, in retrograde motion in your relationship sector until January, will move into an exact alignment with Saturn in your communication sector from the 5th November to the 15th November. Ahead lies nothing but support between communication and relationship forces, turning the challenges of the past into an opportunity for something authentic.

Money 2017Libra October 2017 Money Horoscope

About the only thing about this month that could be considered the norm or ordinary is that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in your income sector. Apart from that, you have to look back to 2005/2006 to find conditions this good, but then you didn’t get nearly as good a deal as you’re getting this time. What I’m talking about is Jupiter’s return to your income sector last month and the start of your luckiest and most potentially lucrative income year in over a decade.

When Jupiter last visited your income sector in 2005/2006 he didn’t align with the Sun until their final hours. Literally a day after they aligned, the Sun was gone and a day later Jupiter was gone. Already Jupiter has aligned with both the Sun and Mercury and this is just the first full month of a journey that will continue long after Jupiter leaves in November 2018, with the resources to exploit this right through to March 2019. Back in 2005/2006 Uranus was in his early years in your work sector, but there has been continuous planetary activity there since, with Neptune now at the helm. With Neptune turning direct on the 23rd November, you even have the tide turning on the job front.

Mercury, the only planet that will align with Jupiter in his early and final days next year, is here until the 6th November. Mercury is giving you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game, while the Sun will continue to shine the solar spotlight onto your income situation, matters and options until leaving on the 22nd November. However, the most potentially lucrative days of the month will be when Venus and Jupiter align on the 13th/14th November.

Career 2017Libra October 2017 Career Horoscope

This is a month when career matters should be unfolding in a very behind the scenes way, not drawing too much attention themselves. The month starts with Chiron and Neptune in retrograde motion in your career sector, as has been the norm since they returned here in 2010 and 2012 respectively. With Neptune turning direct on the 23rd November, Chiron early next month but no fresh planetary support until February, this will be a slow month. Both have to come to a standstill in order to make a direct turn, with these already slow planets barely moving for the majority of the month.

However, this will be accompanied by an upswing in professional confidence and even before Neptune’s direct turn, a sense that the tide is already turning. Since returning Neptune and Chiron have spent from June to November in retrograde motion and with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of November in your income sector, a turnaround on the career front has become associated with new developments on the income front.

This year you have that on steroids, with lucky Jupiter spending his first full month in your income sector in over a decade. Jupiter returns every 12 years but has never and will never return to find Neptune in your career sector again. Jupiter and Neptune are the planets of luck and dreams and they work extremely well together. With Jupiter here until November 2018, even before Neptune’s direct turn there is a lot to be excited about across the income and career fronts. This is the time of year where you will normally move into a good few months on both fronts, but this time you’re moving into a whole new chapter.

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