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Despite the fact that you have not only reached a massive month on both the job and career fronts but a game changing point in your professional year, this is being kept in perspective by adventurous forces that are not about to be uprooted. Despite the fact that the Sun left your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery last month, Mercury will leave on the 14th May and Uranus will wrap up his eight year visit on the 16th May, a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure will stubbornly prevail. Reinforcements have already arrived, though from the 16th May this won’t be defended as vigorously.

The 16th May is the catalyst for major professional developments, but things start coming together two days earlier. It starts with the Moon and Mercury’s return to your career sector on the 14th May, ahead of a New Moon here on the 15th May. With Mars leaving your work sector on the 16th May and the Sun leaving your career sector on the 21st May, this should be one last push for work and job matters. Instead, as Mars leaves your work sector on the 16th May Saturn and Pluto will take the wheel and with Saturn here until 2020 and Pluto until 2024, work and job matters will only entrench.

The real game changer is Uranus’ return to your career sector on the 16th May, returning just hours before Mars leaves your work sector and with the Moon still wrapping up the New Moon the day before. This is Uranus’ first visit to your career sector since 1942 and is the start of a massive new career push, one that will take until 2026 to run its course. All of a sudden Pluto, Saturn and Uranus come together to create a big boys club, one with the ability to completely change the shape of things across the job and career fronts. Yet still, a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure will stubbornly prevail.

Love 2017Leo May 2018 Love Horoscope

For the first time in four years you move into May with no planetary activity in your romantic sector, as has been the case since Mars left in March. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing happening on the romantic front or on the relationship front, despite the fact that there is very rarely any planetary activity here at this time of year. You start the week with Venus, planet of love in a social and serendipitous part of your chart and until leaving on the 20th May she’ll work with the laws of attraction and synchronicity. Yet it is in Venus’ final days that things will become a lot more interesting.

It begins with Mars’ return to your relationship sector on the 16th May, all of a sudden firing things up on the relationship front. Instead of moving through in just six weeks, Mars is here for months, bringing you to the start of a powerful new relationship chapter. This puts Mars and Venus on the same page, creating the support for friendship and relationship building. This is something that the Sun will continue, once Venus moves on. That support for your relationships will continue, with Mars able to fire and shake things up.

In the meantime, things take a romantic turn with Venus’ return to a nostalgic part of your chart on the 20th May. This is the start of a 25 day nostalgic trip down love’s memory lane that will end with the planet of love’s return to Leo next month. This puts Venus here when the Moon not only returns to your romantic sector from the 29th May to the 31st May but creates a Full Moon here on the 30th May. This is a Lovers Moon, something that Venus will know how to capitalise on.

Money 2017Leo May 2018 Money Horoscope

While the overall pattern doesn’t change this month, the dynamics in play do. The normal pattern means planetary activity in play when it comes to your financial situation and money matters as a whole, but nothing yet on the income front. This is the norm, for with continuous planetary activity in your financial sector since 2003, money matters are always ticking over. This is because you have outer planets in your financial sector, which tend to sit back and control the general atmosphere, but without becoming engaged or involved. While the players have changed, the two planets in your financial sector the longest have been Neptune and Chiron.

Chiron, planet of healing has been in your financial sector since 2010 and Neptune, planet of dreams since 2012. For the last three months, you’ve also had Juno, queen of commitment here as well. As the longest serving planet the focus has been on Chiron and his constant need to revisit the past. This has been a quest to lay old financial demons to rest and to either learn from or resolve the past. Chiron left on the 17th April and Juno on the 28th April, leaving Neptune on his own for the first time since returning in 2012. With the planet of dreams at the helm, the general atmosphere is now geared towards your financial dreams. Neptune doesn’t deal in reality checks and there have been enough of those over the last eight years to last you a life time.

Neptune gets the support of Venus, planet of money as she returns to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart on the 20th May. This will put Venus at a friendly aspect to Neptune while fuelling your financial confidence, instincts and imagination. There might not be any planetary activity on the income front, but there is plenty of professional developments to ensure that if the money is there it has a platform. The Moon’s visit to your income sector from the 22nd May to the 24th May will sharpen your nose for money.

Career 2017Leo May 2018 Career Horoscope

You have reached the most extraordinary and game changing professional month ever. Just having Saturn and Pluto in your work sector at the same time is extraordinary, with Saturn’s return in December a game changer. Yet Mars’ return in March took this to a whole new level, with all three meeting up for the first time here in our lifetime. It was late last month that Mars and Pluto aligned, with the planets of war and revolution giving you a clear sense of what you’re fighting for. Until Mars leaves on the 16th May, expect the pace to remain hectic on the job front.

While the Sun spends the first three weeks of May in your career sector, always has and always will, to start with this is very ordinary and if anything, is a backup for what is happening on the job front. After all, the Sun returns to your career sector at this time every year, but you’ve never had Mars, Pluto and Saturn in your work sector at the same time before. At best, the Sun is providing a clear sense of professional direction, with Venus’ departure late last week having left you with your professional confidence fuelled and a better sense of where you’re going.

However, it is in Mars’ final hours in your work sector that Uranus returns to your career sector on the 16th May. The same day that Mars leaves your work sector Uranus returns to your career sector, for the first time since 1942. As Pluto and Saturn, both in retrograde motion pull back the reins on the job front, Uranus will unleash a whole new wave of unexpected developments on the career front. The Moon and Mercury will both return to your career sector on the 14th May, with a New Moon on the 15th May the tailwind that this massive new chapter that Uranus opens the door to. For here until 2026, Uranus is here for anything but an annual update.

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