Gemini May 2017 Horoscope


The Sun won’t return to Gemini until the 21st May, kicking off your birthday month and new solar year, as he does at this time every year. However, that’s not how it will feel from the get go, with a sense that your new solar year has begun in all but name. Especially if you take into account an aversion to spending too much time in life’s slow lane, little taste for navel gazing or taking life slowly. These are all features of the final weeks of an old solar year, yet they’re missing. There are two reasons for that and they both come back to Mars.

The first reason is that with the warrior planet of the cosmos back in Gemini and spending the whole month here, you have too much energy for that. Mars is fuelling your passions and fighting spirit, encouraging you to embrace the things that excite you. Starting your birthday month and new solar year with Mars in Gemini, will ensure you know what you’re fighting for and what excites you from the get go. Another reason for not wanting to spend time navel gazing, is that in the six weeks prior to Mars’ return to Gemini you had plenty of time to recharge your batteries.

You have been there and done that. However, there are some exceptions, especially when it comes to a trip down memory lane. With Saturn spending his first full month in retrograde motion in your relationship sector and Jupiter his last full month in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, on the personal front it will be all about looking back. Mars is on especially good terms with Jupiter, so will be helping to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit, while giving you the courage and confidence to make the most of the doors open to the past and second chances.

Love 2017Gemini May 2017 Love Horoscope

By the time Venus, planet of love retrograded back out of a social and serendipitous part of your chart in early April, she had already been here for two months, her longest visit in eight years. Yet for just the second time in your lifetime, she retrograded back out, only to start over again on the 29th April. This time Venus is in direct motion and will remain in direct motion until leaving early next month.

However, lucky Jupiter is spending his last full month in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, which is keeping the doors open to the past and second chances. This puts Venus and Jupiter at odds and they will move into opposition on the 19th/20th May. However, an opposition between the planets of love and luck will simply challenge your excuses, giving both the right push at the right time. Venus is spending the month triggering serendipitous moments and/or encounters, while Jupiter is holding the doors open to the past and second chances. Jupiter has an ally this month.

Mars is spending the whole month in Gemini, fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit in general. However, on good terms with Jupiter he will also fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit. A bit of pressure from Venus will soon have you fighting back. Mars will also put some pressure on Saturn, who is spending his first full month in retrograde motion in your relationship sector. Any relationship tensions this might create will come to a head around the 28th/30th May. This will have a slow build up. With the Moon returning to your communication sector on the 30th May, it won’t take much to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough.

Money 2017Gemini May 2017 Money Horoscope

If things are quiet on the money and income fronts this month then make the most of it, for that won’t be the case for long. While the Sun will always return to your income sector in June, this isn’t until later in the month. This year Mars is making his first visit to your income sector in two years and returning on the 5th June, the closer you get to the end of the month the closer you will get to the most lucrative months of 2017.

For while Mars will only be here for six weeks, he’ll lead a parade of planets that will take until September to move through. While this doesn’t have an impact this month, this makes the Moon’s two visits to your income sector a lot more important, especially the second visit. The month begins with the Moon in your income sector and here until the 2nd May, this will ensure your nose for money is sharp from the get go.

With Venus having just left your career sector on the 29th April, this will bring a chance to steer the month in a lucrative direction from the get go. Until the Moon returns later in the month, May is more about money matters, with Pluto spending his first full month in retrograde motion in your financial sector. Since returning in 2008 Pluto has spent from April to September in retrograde motion, in what is now a familiar pattern until he eventually leaves in 2024. The Moon’s visit from the 14th May to the 17th May will sharpen financial instincts that will come with 20/20 hindsight. This will be the Moon’s first visit since Pluto’s retrograde turn, so will be a valuable chance to get your bearing. Meanwhile, the Moon will return to your income sector from the 27th May to the 30th May, leaving you with a nose for money just a week before Mars is due to return.

Career 2017Gemini May 2017 Career Horoscope

When Venus left your career sector on the 29th April it brought a very rare double dip visit to an end, finally handing the reins to the caretaker crew that will keep career and professional matters on track. When Venus retrograded back in early last month, it was just the second time in our lifetime that she had left your career sector, did a U turn and come back for a second visit. Back for 26 days and with the first half in retrograde motion, Venus was able to go back over ground already covered.

While this was Venus’ only chance to ensure there were no missed opportunities, with the South Node leaving on the 10th May, this was also a chance to sever the ties with the past. However, not before every possible advantage had been extracted. As Venus left on the 29th April Neptune, here until 2026, took the wheel and he will now keep your professional year on track. However, it is just a day after the South Node’s departure from your career sector on the 10th May, something that will sever any ties to the past, an undocking so to speak, that a Full Moon will provide a blast of the rocket engines.

Falling just as the last thing holding you back professionally is severed, a Full Moon in your work sector on the 11th May will meet no resistance, with the potential for a breakthrough on not just the job front, but the career front as well. Yet whether you’re aware of it at the time or not, this Full Moon is a stepping stone for lucky Jupiter’s return to your work sector in October. If there is anything the professional gods need to do to shunt things onto the right path or line you up for what lies ahead, they’ll use this Full Moon. The only thing is, it won’t be until later in the year that you’ll be able to look back and join the dots.

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