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As much as this month might present you with the challenge of having to find a balance between work and play, it is one that you need to take seriously. While the Sun has always and will always spend the first three weeks of November in your work sector, with Jupiter in his first full month of a 13 month journey and the tide turning on the career front on the 23rd November, you’ve reached the business end of this professional year. This might be the point of any year where the focus shifts to your work situation and job matters, this is a start of a push that will take until early 2019 to run its course.

Yet all the planets that are now in your work sector, including the Sun and Jupiter, only just left your romantic and creative sector last month. With Venus staying on until the 8th November and Mars until early next month, the planets of love and passion are determined to ensure life doesn’t become all work and no play. Yet they can only hold out for so long and on the 8th November Venus will return to your work sector, followed by Mars a month later. If you’re going to find a balance between work and play, it has to happen now. In the meantime there are some important developments on the relationship front, with Mercury joining Saturn in your relationship sector on the 6th November.

This comes just as Saturn’s last full month here is bringing you to the end of a three year relationship boot camp, one that is loaded with support in these final weeks. Mercury, who should move through your relationship sector in just 15 days, will instead turn retrograde next month, spending over two months giving your relationships a voice and ensuring the communication lines are open.

Love 2017Gemini October 2017 Love Horoscope

To have planetary activity on the romantic front has been the norm ever since Jupiter returned in September 2016, but this month the dynamics are very different. Jupiter left last month and as the planet of luck, this brought to a close what should have been your luckiest year for love and matters of the heart in over a decade. A lot of this comes together in the final weeks and sometimes it is not until after Jupiter leaves and the groundwork has been completed, that the real magic happens. This is likely to be the case this time around and this is all because of Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion.

Regardless of whether Venus and Mars returned during Jupiter’s final months or after he left, these were always going to be the most romantically charged weeks of Jupiter’s rein. Had Venus not turned retrograde earlier in the year she would have moved through while Jupiter was still here and the most romantically charged weeks of the year would be behind you. The fact that Jupiter had just left when Venus and Mars returned has actually worked to your advantage.

For with both Jupiter and the Sun, in his final weeks under pressure, this was a chance to clear any obstacles out of the way. Venus will continue to work her magic until she leaves on the 8th November, while Mars will continue to support your inner romantic warrior for another month. In the meantime, Mercury’s return to your relationship sector on the 6th November and the Sun’s on the 22nd November bring you to the most important point of an already important relationship year.

Money 2017Gemini October 2017 Money Horoscope

A fairly quiet month on the financial front should also come with plenty of confidence. It was in late September, just over five weeks before moving into November, that two events happened that will have a profound impact on both income and money matters both this month and for months and in the case of financial matters, years to come. It began with Ceres’ departure from your income sector, an event that had a profound impact on income and money matters. This took the pressure off Pluto, in his final days in retrograde motion in your financial, while leaving you with a lucrative sense of direction and clear income expectations that are only now bearing fruit.

As Jupiter spends his first full month in your work sector in over a decade and the tide prepares to turn on the career front, that lucrative sense of direction is so ingrained that things are naturally moving in a lucrative direction. The Moon moves through your income sector from the 7th November to the 10th November will give you the nose for money needed to check that you’re on track and the timing couldn’t be better. For it’s on the 8th November that Venus, planet of money will return to your work sector, with the express intent to attract job opportunities and point things in a lucrative direction.

Venus will return to find her job has been done, while a nose for money from the get go will ensure she hits the floor running. It was Pluto’s direct turn in late September that also saw the whole financial tide turn, leaving the financial tensions of the previous months behind him. With the Sun and Saturn returning next month to kick off your most powerful financial year in three decades, there is already a sense of financial confidence and anticipation.


Career 2017Gemini October 2017 Career Horoscope

The focus is always going to be on your work situation and job matters at this time of year, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in your work sector. Yet for the first time in over a decade, you also have Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, bringing you to the first full month of your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade. Jupiter returned 12 days before the Sun last month, giving you a chance to get this massive new chapter off the ground before the Sun’s more mundane update began.

This allowed Jupiter to mark his territory from the get go, making a massive period of job growth that will extend beyond his departure next November, the dominant theme. Your annual update and review on work and job matters is happening in addition to that. By the time you move into the new month, Jupiter has already aligned with both the Sun and Mercury, who will leave your work sector on the 6th November. This has already managed to consolidate the team in play here. Venus’ return on 8th November will add a very different element, focused more on fuelling your job confidence and on attracting opportunities. As the planet of money, Venus will also work to steer things in a lucrative direction.

A New Moon here on the 19th November will bring an opportunity for new beginnings, just two days before the Sun leaves on the 22nd November and Neptune’s direct turn on the 23rd November turns the tide on the career front. With Venus staying on for the rest of the month and Mars returning early next month, you are yet to see things really take off.

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