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With Jupiter spending the last full month of his 13 month visit to your work sector you would expect this to be a busy month and indeed it is likely to be. With Mercury returning on the 10th October and the Sun on the 24th October, this is when you reach the business end of bringing this massive journey towards job growth home. Yet there is also something holding things back. That something is Venus’ retrograde turn here on the 6th October. With Neptune in his last and Chiron his first full month in retrograde motion in your career sector, the professional gods are also holding things back.

Yet for all the right reasons, with Mars’ return to your career sector next month and then Venus returning for a double dip visit in early December, rather than the end of a professional push, this is the end of one chapter. Jupiter is creating the framework for future job growth, with this being fleshed out dramatically in the final six weeks of 2019 and the early months of 2019. Professionally, this is the month that everything until now has lead up to and everything from now will lead on from.

And just as well the professional gods are holding back, for this is also an important month for matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative, which sings of new developments on the relationship front. If I didn’t know what was around the corner Mercury, planet of communication’s return to your relationship sector on the 31st October would hardly rate a mention. Yet what lies around the corner is lucky Jupiter’s return to your relationship sector on the 9th November, with Mercury getting there first to get the communication lines open.

Love 2017Gemini October 2018 Love Horoscope

The Sun will always shine on matters of the heart and all things romantic at this time of year, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of October in your romantic sector. This year that sunlight is a little more warm and magical, less because of what the Sun is doing and more because of what this highlights. This year matters of the heart are receiving an extra boost, at the same time that there are fewer roadblocks and barriers. While Venus, planet of love left last month, she will turn retrograde on the 6th October, retrograding back into your romantic sector early next month.

This creates the promise that the romantic focus will not only continue all this month, but the whole of November and into the early days of December. While Mercury will leave your romantic sector on the 10th October and the Sun on the 24th October, the love gods won’t let the spirit of romance go off the boil. That is because Ceres, making her first visit in four weeks, is here all month. In the meantime, the Moon’s return on the 10th October will open the door to some of the most romantically charged days of the month. It is a New Moon in the Moon’s early hours that turns ordinary romantically charged lunar vibes into an opportunity for new beginnings.

While the focus is on matters of the heart and all things romantic all month, it is in the very final hours of the month that something special happens on the relationship front. Mercury, planet of communication’s return to your relationship sector on the 31st October is an ordinary event that is set to have extraordinary consequences. Not only is this the start of an exceptionally long visit by Mercury, with lucky Jupiter returning early next month, this is the start a major new relationship journey.

Money 2017Gemini October 2018 Money Horoscope

Things are fairly quiet on the financial front this month and that’s just the way you want it, for from early next month things are about to heat up in a surprising way. For now though, it is Pluto’s direct turn in your financial sector on the 1st October that finally turns all your attention and focus onto the future. Saturn turned direct here early last month, so you had already started to look ahead. Yet with Pluto in retrograde motion, this required you to keep one eye on the road ahead and another on the rear view mirror.

With the Sun not returning to your financial sector until just before Christmas and Venus and Mercury not until the New Year, there is no urgency or need to take a hurried approach to money matters. Instead, both Saturn and Pluto are in this for the long haul and favour a slow and steady approach to taking responsibility and your power back. With no planetary activity in your income sector and only Venus steering work and job matters in a lucrative direction, things are even more low key on the income front.

However, that is set to change early next month, when the North Node returns to your income sector and the South Node to your financial sector, for the first time in 17 years. As well as setting the scene for a series of eclipses over the next two years, this will give income matters a whole new ability to grow and move forward. Because the North Node is a force or a current and not a physical object like a planet, this won’t put pressure on Saturn and Pluto in your financial sector. The lunar nodes will however police a balance between money coming in and money going out, between November 2018 and May 2020.

Career 2017Gemini October 2018 Career Horoscope

This is not only a big month on the job front, but the month that everything until now has lead up to and everything from now will lead on from. For with Jupiter in his last full month in your work sector, the professional gods are ready to put everything on the line. Yet it has taken a year to get to this point and Venus and Mars in particular, will continue to push home advantages on the job and career fronts into the New Year. Jupiter has been working behind the scenes for the last 12 months, now he has the support to bring things home.

It was last month that Venus returned for what should have been a 24 day visit to your work sector. Yet as we move into the new month she has already been here for three weeks and instead of moving on, on the 6th October will turn retrograde. With Neptune in his last and Chiron in his first full month in retrograde motion in your career sector, this will open the doors to the past, second chances and untapped job and professional potential. While Jupiter will leave your work sector early next month, there is zero danger of things going off the boil.

Mercury’s return to your work sector on the 10th October will bring a chance to get your head in the game, while the Sun will return to throw the solar spotlight on your work situation and job matters from the 24th October. With Jupiter in his final weeks by then, the replacement crew is gathering, in order to take over. By the time Mars returns to your career sector next month Jupiter will be gone, but with the Sun in your work sector and Venus on her way back, things will continue to evolve.

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