Gemini June 2017 Horoscope


For the third time in as many years you’ve moved into your birthday month and new solar year with Saturn on the other side of the sky, in opposition. While you have learned to stand up for your personal needs by now, a balance between them and your relationship needs will still play out. This year you have Mars on your team, with his opposition with Saturn late last month bringing any personal and/or relationship tensions to a head.

This is already easing back and apart from in the lead up to a Full Moon on the 10th June, it should be trouble free until the final days of your birthday month. However, with Saturn leaving your relationship sector in December and not returning for another three decades, this is one last push to address any balance issues. The advantage that you have this year that you haven’t had in other years, is support from the communication gods. So much so that this could lead to some communication and/or relationship breakthroughs. In the meantime, June could be a lucrative month and a gateway into lucrative months that stretch out to September.

The Sun’s return to your income sector on the 21st June will always turn the solar spotlight onto your income situation, matters and options. However Mars’ return on the 5th June will give the warrior planet of the cosmos a 16 day jump on a more objective approach to income matters. Mars arrives with a sledgehammer in one hand, a battering ram in the other. From the get go he’ll declare war on glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind.

Love 2017Gemini June 2017 Love Horoscope

A sense of relationship and romantic nostalgia is set to deepen this month, with conditions also improving on both fronts. Jupiter has been in retrograde motion in your romantic sector since early February, with not a lot of support during that time. However that started to change late last month, as pressure eased back and support kicked in. Until turning direct on the 10th June Jupiter’s final days in retrograde motion will dominate the early part of the month.

This makes the timing of Venus, planet of love’s return to a nostalgic part of your chart on the 6th June timely. While returning just days before Jupiter is due to turn direct, this will increase a sense of romantic nostalgia in the final days. With a sense of romantic nostalgia coming from the planets of love and luck, this will give you the confidence to seize the second chances on offer. Even though the romantic tide will turn on the 10th June, Venus will keep a sense of romantic nostalgia alive all month.

Not due to turn direct until late August, Saturn will spend the whole of June in retrograde motion in your relationship sector. An opposition with Mars late last month saw relationship tensions come to a head in the final days of May. This is easing off as you move into the new month, but this has put you on alert that a battle between your personal and relationship needs is being waged. Mars brought the toughest wakeup calls, but the middle part of the month could see tension rise again. This could be kicked off by a Full Moon in your career sector on the 10th May. At the end of the day this is all about balancing your personal and relationship needs, making it essential to keep the communication lines open.

Money 2017Gemini June 2017 Money Horoscope

At the start of the month it is business as usual, which means the money gods have all their focus on money matters as a whole. Not only that but with Pluto, in your financial sector from 2008 to 2024 in retrograde motion from April to September each year, this is a review phase. The focus is not only on money matters as a whole, but the rear view mirror. That will remain the case for money matters as a whole, but there is a dramatic shift in the dynamics of your financial year when Mars returns to your income sector on the 5th June.

The money gods will leave a skeleton crew watching over money matters and the rear view mirror, but this is the point where the main focus shifts to income matters and the road ahead. This is Mars’ first visit to your income sector in two years and he’ll arrive with a sledgehammer in one hand and a battering ram in the other. From the 5th June to the 20th July Mars will declare war on glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind. Mars will spend his first 16 days on his own, before the Sun and Mercury both return on the 21st June. These will be the only days that Mercury will be here on his own and without the Sun’s reality checks.

Mars prefers to approach things with hot headed enthusiasm, thinking things through after the fact. Mars has 16 days to fire things up before the Sun’s reality checks and Mercury’s smart head for money kicks in. A New Moon on the 24th June will create an opportunity for new beginnings and opportunities. However, income matters will continue to develop through to late August, with August likely to be the most lucrative month.

Career 2017Gemini June 2017 Career Horoscope

After last month’s Full Moon in your work sector, things ease back this month and there is literally a chance to step back. It was the South Node’s departure from your career sector on the 10th May that took the restrictions off career and professional matters. This took away the hold that the past had on career matters and also the subtle professional pressure and work/life balance tensions of the past two years.

Yet ironically, just as the past lets go its hold on you there is a chance to retrace your steps. If the 18 months that the South Node spent in your career sector has left behind untapped professional potential, then there will be a chance to find it. The South Node’s departure gave Neptune, in your career sector until 2026 and Chiron, here until 2019, the green light. Yet both are slowing down, with Neptune turning retrograde on the 16th June and Chiron on the 1st July. The difference this time is you are not tied to the past and it is not the past holding you back. Instead, this is a chance to retrace your steps, exploring all the untapped potential that has been stockpiling over the last 18 months.

Since Chiron returned to your career sector in 2010 and Neptune in 2012 they have turned retrograde each June, so this is part of a scheduled review phase. This will run through to November and will be in effect with major new job developments opening up in October. In the meantime, this brings you to a quieter and more reflective point on your professional year. All the action this month is on the income front.

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