Gemini February 2017 Horoscope


There will always be a sense of adventure in the air in February, a hangover from the holiday period and that eventual tap on your shoulder, as the professional gods tell you it’s time to get down to business. Except that this year you don’t need that tap on your shoulder, with the professional gods and this new professional year having moved into this active phase just before Christmas. The biggest struggle may have been to even take time out over the holiday period. However, until the Sun leaves your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery on the 19th February he will be determined to keep a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure alive.

Yet he’ll do so with professional forces dancing all around him, though things may ease back a little once Venus leaves your career sector on the 4th February. While Mars left late last month, it will take more than a few days, weeks or even months for his professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit to ease back.

By the time Venus leaves on the 4th February you should have a clear sense of what you’re fighting for, along with plenty of momentum. It will be just 15 days later that the Sun returns, bringing you to the official start of this professional year, something that has been underway in all but name before the year even began. It is here that a solar eclipse will fall on the 27th February.

Where a New Moon brings an opportunity for new beginnings, an eclipsing New Moon brings an opportunity for major and/or fateful new beginnings. With so much building for so long, this could be a game changer. This month’s second eclipse will have a very different influence. A lunar eclipse in your communication sector on the 11th February comes just as a major relationship journey moves into a stable phase of an ongoing journey. This brings the potential for a communication breakthrough.

Love 2017Gemini February 2017 Love Horoscope

Jupiter and Saturn, the two most powerful planets in the solar system strike a powerful pose this month, each becoming even more entrenched in their ongoing missions. Saturn is now in his third and final year in your relationship sector. A clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you gives you a clear sense of what you’re working towards.

If there were going to be relationship challenges you’d know about them by now and are well into the rebuilding phase. So long as the communication lines are open, it is now more about the journey itself. In the meantime, Jupiter reaches an important phase in his 13 month visit to your romantic sector. On the 6th February Jupiter will turn retrograde, opening the doors to the past and second chances. A lucky year for love brings a chance to retrace your steps, with the potential for a do over.

Yet this won’t be all plain sailing with a repeat, later in the month, of some of the challenges you may have experienced between Christmas and the New Year. Jupiter will once again move into opposition with Uranus, but this time he’s got company including Venus, planet of love. Yet while Mars and Uranus will both move into opposition with Jupiter, in the later days of the month Venus will turn retrograde before that happens. For now, the planet of love wants no part in any wakeup calls, but will be on hand to repeat the benefits.

It has been 12 years since lucky Jupiter last turned retrograde in your romantic sector, with these wakeup calls more a chance to ensure you’re not hiding behind old excuses. The Moon’s return to your romantic sector on the 14th February and position here until the 16th February brings the promise of a romantically charged Valentine’s Day.

Money 2017Gemini February 2017 Money Horoscope

The Sun may have left your financial sector last month, bringing your annual financial review to a close, but Mercury is still here as you move into the new month, still giving you the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game. Yet the fact that you’re still working on your financial game plan and resolutions for the coming year, is astonishing.

While the Sun didn’t return to your financial sector until just before Christmas, to shine the solar spotlight on your financial situation, matters and options, Mercury was already here and a lot of water had already passed under the bridge. Mercury returned in early December for what should have been a 15 day visit aimed at getting your head in the game and giving you the smart head for money needed to make smart financial choices, decisions and plans.

Over two months later and Mercury is still here, thanks to a retrograde phase. Now, as you move into February you’ve not only got a smart head for money and a wealth of experience, but also 20/20 hindsight. Mercury will finally leave on the 7th February, making the first week of February the most important for having your head in the game. This is when you’re able to finalise your financial game plan and resolutions for this new financial year. Of course the journey will continue and the game plan and approach will have to be adjusted along the way. This is where the Moon’s monthly visits come in.

The Moon’s first visit after Mercury’s departure will run from the 21st February to the 24th February, with a chance to listen to what your financial instincts are telling you. This is when you’re able to make any running repairs. In the meantime the Moon’s visit to your income sector from the 7th February to the 9th February will sharpen your nose for money, but may also trigger some surprise income developments.

Career 2017Gemini February 2017 Career Horoscope

February is normally the month that things just start to move on the career front and even then, not until the later part of the month. With this is a need to bear in mind that with Neptune in your career sector until 2026 there will be at least one professional god on the job 24/7 for another nine years. For the most part though, this is something that happens behind the scenes. It is when the Sun returns in February that a more active phase begins. Except this year, things kick off exactly two months ahead of schedule.

The Sun won’t return to your career sector until the 19th February, turning the solar spotlight onto your career and professional situation, matters and options, as he does at this time every year. Yet it was on the 19th December that Mars returns, beating the Sun by a full two months, giving this new professional year a massive head start. Mars continued to fuel your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit until he left on the 28th January, just days before moving into the new month.

Yet Venus who returned on the 3rd January, also well ahead of schedule, is still there keeping that flame burning. By the time Venus leaves on the 4th February the Sun is still 15 days away and your new professional year has received the kind of dream start and push that nothing can slow down. With Venus returning in April, even if it started to slow down she’ll return to breathe new life into things. Throughout their time here, Venus and Mars have never been focused on the ‘when, where and how’, only the what. By the time the Sun returns to bring the reality checks an annual review requires, your professional confidence, passions, desires and expectations will be an unstoppable force.

However, the Sun and Mercury, who returns on the 26th February, are all about the ‘when, where and how’ and this is when you enter a more proactive and objective phase, one that is all about the details and all about making things happen. It is during this period that a solar eclipse on the 27th February will bring an opportunity for major new beginnings, something you’ve been preparing for since just before Christmas.

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