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It was late last month that Mars and Pluto aligned in Capricorn, for the sixth time since Pluto returned in 2008. While Pluto is in Capricorn, from 2008 to 2024, the planets of war and revolution will come together every other year, fuelling a sense of rebellion, giving you the courage to change things up and the courage to embrace what excites you. Yet while Mars and Pluto came together in Capricorn in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and now in 2018, this is the first time they have come together while the Sun is in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery.

It was Venus who first connected with Mars and Pluto last month, bringing a potent cocktail of romantic, adventurous and passionate forces together. While Venus starts the month in your work sector and is spearheading some exciting developments on the income and job fronts this month, it is her desire for adventure and to follow your heart that means simply going through the motions is no longer an option. Yet with Mars leaving Capricorn on the 16th May and the Sun leaving an adventurous part of your chart on the 21st May, this should be the end of play time. Especially with Mars returning to your income sector and the Sun to your career sector.

However, your world changes on the 16th May when Uranus joins the Sun in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery. Unlike the Sun, who is only here for a month or Mercury, who is simply passing through from the 14th May to the 30th May, Uranus is here to stay. This is Uranus’ first visit since 1942 and apart from a few months later in the year he is here until 2026. With Pluto in Capricorn until 2024, the planet of change and revolution will work with Uranus to change your world and everything you thought possible. By the end of the month, you’ll re rewriting your bucket list.

Love 2017Capricorn May 2018 Love Horoscope

This is always the point in every year that the spotlight falls on matters of the heart and all things romantic, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of May in your romantic sector. To start with things look fairly ordinary, apart from the fact that Venus, planet of love has been and gone. This is part of the reason for a sense of romantic confidence and anticipation from the get go, with Venus raising the bar this year to a height that might still baffle you. If you start the month with the kind of romantic confidence and anticipation that doesn’t match your current reality, then you’re on track.

For Venus knows what lies ahead and so will you by midmonth. Yet to start with things are still looking fairly ordinary. Even Mercury’s return to your romantic sector on the 14th May and the Moon’s a few hours later ahead of a New Moon on the 15th May is par for the course. Mercury will always return around the same time as the Sun, with a chance to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. You will also have a New Moon here at some point during the Sun’s month long visit, with a chance for new opportunities and beginnings.

Yet things become very extraordinary from the 16th May, with the Moon still in your romantic sector when Uranus returns. With romantically charged lunar vibes in the air and the tailwind from a New Moon the day before at your back, Uranus has chosen his return to your romantic sector to perfection. For as the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected returns it is to start the biggest romantic journey in eight decades, a journey that will take until 2026 to run its course. The Sun will leave on the 21st May and Mercury on the 30th May, but Uranus is here to stay.

Money 2017Capricorn May 2018 Money Horoscope

It is business as usual in your two money houses this month or so it appears, to start with anyway. Yet business as usual this year is not business as usual for most years, with just enough momentum on the income and financial fronts to keep the two balanced. This is thanks to the lunar nodes’ return to your two money houses last May and not just the eclipses they have already triggered, but the way they have been able to balance money coming in and money going out. If there is more weight on one front then it is on the financial front, with Ceres in your financial sector since last September.

Ceres is a dwarf planet so has no urgent agenda, with her focus more on updating your financial needs and priorities. It is the Moon’s visit to your income sector from the 7th May to the 9th May that brings your first clue that something is about to shift. Venus, planet of money is in your work sector until the 20th May and is already working to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. The Moon’s return to your income sector will sharpen your nose for money, something that Venus will know exactly what to do with.

Yet the Moon will leave you with a lingering sense that something is about to shift and shift it does, with Mars’ return to your income sector on the 16th May. This shifts the balance of power onto your income situation, matters and options, with Mars returning to smash through glass ceilings and help you fight for what you deserve. The six weeks that Mars spends here every other year, are often the most lucrative weeks in a two year period. However, this time Mars is here for months and he arrives on the same day that major new doors open on the job front.

Career 2017Capricorn May 2018 Career Horoscope

For the first time this year, you move into a month with planetary activity in one of your two professional houses. This is slightly ahead of schedule but not enough to make this an outlier. What I’m talking about is moving into the new month to find Venus in your work sector, weeks before the Sun is due to return on the 21st May. Venus and Mercury will always travel with the Sun, though they can move ahead or travel behind. That is the case this year, with Venus having returned on the 25th April and Mercury returning on the 30th May. It is the Sun that sticks religiously to his schedule, always returning to shine the solar spotlight on your work situation and job matters three weeks into May each year.

What makes this year special is how very ordinary this is. For the first time in four years the Sun, Mercury and Venus all return to find Saturn is no longer in opposition. This means there isn’t the professional pressure or work/life balance tension you have faced in the past or the roadblocks. Instead, with Mars returning to your income sector on the 16th May and Jupiter having just wrapped up a 13 month visit to your career sector last October, there is both support and momentum.

Venus will leave your work sector on the 20th May, the day before the Sun returns and 10 days before Mercury returns and three weeks into June they’ll all be gone as well. This is a short period of focus on work and job matters, starting with Venus’ return on the 25th April and ending with the Sun’s departure on the 22nd June. Yet with no roadblocks and nothing but green lights, this should be the best two months of 2018 on the job front. Venus’ focus until she leaves is more on the ‘what’ and on steering things in a lucrative direction, while the Sun and Mercury will focus more on the ‘when, where and how’.

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