Capricorn August 2017 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


There are so many layers to this month and there will be so many hats you’ll need to wear, that smart time management will be required. While you start the month with Venus in your work sector, leaving in the early hours of the 1st August, all she will do is open the door and point you in the right direction. Yet it was Venus’ alignment with Jupiter in your career sector last month that has allowed work and job matters to hitch a ride.

This means that when Jupiter moves into his final two months in your career sector on the 11th August, work and job matters will come along for the ride. Also coming along for the ride will be all the income potential that has been building over recent months. This comes in a month when the focus is always going to be on your financial situation and money matters, with the Sun in your financial sector until the 23rd August. This year Mars is along for the ride, spending the whole month fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit. With a lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 8th August and a total solar eclipse in your financial sector on the 22nd August, this is a big month on both fronts.

So by now it is clear that this is a month where you’ll need to wear your work, professional and money hats. However, make way for your relationship hat as well, with Venus in your relationship sector until the 26th August and Ceres here all month. This should be a good month for relationship matters. Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships and Ceres, queen of nurturing are meeting up here for the first time in nine years. Throughout that time it is with the full support of the communication gods.

Love 2017Capricorn August 2017 Love Horoscope

When the Sun and Mars left your relationship sector last month this should have taken the focus off your relationships. It definitely took the spotlight off your relationships and a lot of the pressure, but this is when something magical happened. Mars left your relationship sector on the 21st July and the Sun on the 23rd July, this was a dramatic pulling back and at the same point last year, this had taken all the focus off your relationships.

However, in the way that is similar to the stars during the day, this is when you noticed something you couldn’t see before. The stars don’t just come out at night, they are there all the time. However, with the Sun so bright, the only time we get to see them during the day is during a total solar eclipse. Which coincidently we have this month. What having the Sun in your relationship sector had done is make it impossible to see Ceres, dwarf planet and queen of nurturing, who had slipped in two weeks earlier.

This is Ceres’ first visit in four years and not due to leave until late September, she’s on a mission to get to the heart of what you want from your relationships. And the timing couldn’t be better, for on the 1st August Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships will finally return to your relationship sector, on a mission to give you what you want from your relationships. This is the first time this dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system have met up in your relationship sector in four years and the first time they have aligned here in nine years. Together they’ll weave some special magic until Venus leaves on the 26th August.

Money 2017Capricorn August 2017 Money Horoscope

To have a lunar eclipse in your income sector and a total solar eclipse in your financial sector this month means this was never going to be an ordinary month on either front. Also that there was something powerful in play behind the scenes. For while eclipses might appear to be random events they are anything but. These two eclipses became inevitable when the lunar nodes returned to your two money houses in May and are a direct result of that.

Where the lunar nodes are is where we have eclipses. Since the 10th May the South Node has been exploring untapped income potential, while the North Node has been exploring the potential for new financial growth. The South Node will always be focused on the past and the North Node always on the future. That is why the lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 8th August could be a fateful trigger for untapped income potential. With lucky Jupiter about to move into his final two months in your career sector by then, you will definitely have the professional clout.

This is also the reason why the total solar eclipse in your financial sector on the 22nd August has the potential for major new financial beginnings and developments. However, before you go out and waste your money on lotto tickets, this isn’t the kind of new beginnings I am talking about. There will be no truck backing up the driveway, ready to dump cash on your doorstep. With Mars in your financial sector all month and the Sun until the 23rd August, this is opening the door to new financial growth, a journey that will take until November 2018.

Career 2017Capricorn August 2017 Career Horoscope

This is a big month on the career front, the month that Jupiter’s 13 month visit starts to become a lot more serious. Here since September 2016, Jupiter has returned to expand your professional possibilities and all of your career options. However, this hasn’t always been easier, with the whole first half of the year not only dominated by months of pressure, but Jupiter’s own retrograde phase from early February to early June. It wasn’t until Jupiter turned direct and Mars returned to your work sector that things started to slowly inch forward.

Now, after two months in direct motion Jupiter is starting to regain his speed, courage and determination to make his final months count. For on the 11th August Jupiter will move into his final two months and not due to return for another 11 years, this is when everything will start coming together. Of course, with the Sun returning later next month and Mercury, Mars and Venus over the coming months, you have until December to exploit all the potential. The early part of the month is the most important for Jupiter.

Pressure from Pluto until the 8th August is the kind of positive and constructive pressure needed to give you that push to take risks and put yourself out there. It also helps that Venus will only leave your work sector on the 1st August. Pressure from Pluto is exact from the 1st August to the 8th August and it’s on the 8th August that a lunar eclipse in your income sector brings the potential for a breakthrough. This is just a week after Venus left your work sector. This could trigger unexpected developments across the income, work and career fronts.

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