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In a month where there is a lot going on, one of the most important events for you personally takes place in the very early hours of the month. For it is on the 1st October that Pluto turns direct in Capricorn, almost four weeks after Saturn turned direct here, early last month. While you had started to look to the future, while Pluto had the brakes on it was hard to actually move forward. From the 1st October you will find that it is the future that is drawing your attention rather than the past. While things are unlikely to race forward, you will sense that the past is no longer holding you back.

In the meantime, you have reached a stunning point in your professional year, with a set of random coincidences making this a stunning month across the income, work and career fronts. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of October in your career sector, but when he returned late last month, it was to find Mars in your income sector, for the first time in three decades. Yet when the Moon and Juno returned to your work sector in the closing hours of September, this completed the circle.

Neither event in itself is rare. The Sun returns to your career sector at this time every year. Mars returns to your income sector every 22 months, the Moon returns to your work sector every four weeks and Juno once every four years. But this is the first time they have been here at the same time in our lifetime and is also the last. Until Juno retrogrades back out on the 24th October, this is a rare opportunity to get your ducks in a row across the income, work and career fronts, in a way that fires up your passions and fighting spirit, a sense of conviction and a willingness to fight for what you deserve. This is also a special month for friendship, teamwork and for personal and professional networking.

Love 2017Capricorn October 2018 Love Horoscope

To have planetary activity in your romantic sector at this time of year is not the norm. But then the concept of what is normal flew out the window when Uranus, planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected returned to your romantic sector in May, for the first time in eight decades. While this was the start of a journey that will take until 2026 to run its course, Uranus is getting ready to take a break. Uranus is an outer planet and when they return to a new area of your chart this is always a transition phase.

In this case Uranus will retrograde back out next month, before returning next March, when he really is here until 2026. However, while Juno left at the end of last month, she will retrograde back in on the 24th October and not leaving until next February, the queen of commitment will keep the romantic flame burning until Uranus returns. While there will be a gap between Juno’s departure in February and Uranus’ return in March, conveniently this is when you will have Venus, planet of love in Capricorn. The love gods aren’t going to drop the ball and they are serious about this new romantic journey and chapter of your life.

In the meantime, there is a push this month to make the most of Uranus’ last full month and especially to make the most of the first and last month when the focus is all on the past. With the North Node returning to your relationship sector next month this is the start of something special on the relationship front, that will be firmly focused on the future. For now it is all about matters of the heart and the past. The Moon will move through from the 25th October to the 27th October and returning a day after Juno retrogrades back in, these romantically charged lunar vibes will be steeped in romantic nostalgia.

Money 2017Capricorn October 2018 Money Horoscope

To have any planetary activity in your income sector at this time of year is far from the norm but to still have Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos here is extraordinary. That is because Mars returned for what should have been a six week visit in May, so should be long gone. Instead, a retrograde turn not only kept Mars here for three months, when he did eventually retrograde back out he returned just 29 days later. This is Mars’ first full month back in your income sector, but is also his last.

This is the point that everything until now has lead up to and everything from now will lead on from. Not due to leave until the 16th November, Mars is here for the whole of October and the first half of next month, with a chance to put into action everything you’ve been preparing for since as far back as May. And the timing couldn’t be better. For while Mars renews his mission to smash through glass ceilings and to fight for what you deserve, things are coming together professionally.

You not only have planetary activity in your career sector all month, but there are even unexpected developments on the job front in the first 24 days of the month. It is the challenges faced in the past that has Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos hungry for victory, giving you the confidence to fight for what you deserve. With the South Node in its last full month in your income sector and the North Node its last full month in your financial sector, there is still a need for balance, but without the financial tension of the past.

Career 2017Capricorn October 2018 Career Horoscope

The spotlight will always be on your career and professional situation, matters and options at this time of year, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of October in your career sector. Yet each year has a different make up, with different influences in play, with the Sun turning the solar spotlight onto what is happening now, this year. And from the get go this is good news. With fewer planets on the other side of the sky and in fact just one policing a need for balance between your home and professional lives, there is less pressure this year.

At the same time, with Venus having already been and gone but returning on the 1st November to spend another month here, you’re better able to know what you want and attract opportunities. At the same time, while the Sun will always return to your career sector at this time of year, for the first time in three decades you have Mars in your income sector at the same time. A partnership was forged between the two late last month, which has already boosted your confidence and determination on the income and professional fronts.

Yet there are also some surprise developments on the job front as well, at a time of year where there is rarely planetary activity in your work sector. It was in the closing hours of September that the Moon and Juno returned to your work sector. While the Moon will leave on the 2nd October, Juno will turn retrograde on the 12th October and leave on the 24th October, they provide critical support at a critical point in your professional year. Juno is not a major player, but she is able to play support for income and career forces that are.

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