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For all of us, 2018 is a very different year than not just 2017, but the last few years. However, for you that difference is extreme and the forces that will make this such an extreme shift for you are evident from the get go. The most important part is that you get to keep all the good parts of the last three years while ditching the bad parts. It’s as though the gods had a check point at the end of last year, with only certain conditions able to follow you through. The last three years have been busy, with Saturn’s departure from your work sector on the 20th December bringing a three year period where you were pushed to your limit to a close.

Yet you start the year with conditions on the income, work and career fronts still evolving, but without the work/life balance issues of the past two years. These are no longer dominant and while Mars’ return to your work sector on the 27th December will kick off the busiest seven weeks of the year, this is more one last push to gain as much traction as possible and to tie up loose ends. The professional gods are not driving things this year but will be able to operate in their own corner. This is likely to be a successful year across the income, work and career fronts, but no longer the driving force.

So if the professional gods aren’t driving things this year who is? How you start the month is a big clue. You not only start the month and the year with Jupiter and Mars in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, but aligned with Neptune in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery. Playful, romantic, creative and adventurous forces get their turn this year. At the same time, you start the year with Saturn in your relationship sector, for the first time in three decades. This is the start of a major relationship year.

Love 2017Cancer January 2018 Love Horoscope

There is a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary this month, making January 2018 a major turning point on both the romantic and relationship fronts. The ordinary is that you will always start the year with the Sun in your relationship sector. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of every year in your relationship sector and until leaving on the 20th January will keep the solar spotlight on your relationships. Even starting the year with Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships on board until the 18th January and Mercury, planet of communication returning on the 11th January is par for the course.

This is exactly what you expect to see at this time of year. That is where the ordinary ends and the extraordinary begins, because for the first time in 26 years you also start the year with Saturn in your relationship sector, bringing you to the start of a new three year relationship boot camp. The Sun, Venus and Mercury will not all be gone by the time you move into February, but Saturn won’t leave until December 2020. An ordinary time of year for relationship matters is the start of an extraordinary new journey.

Yet at the same time, for the first time in 37 years, you start the year with Mars and Jupiter not only in your romantic sector together, but aligned from the 6th January to the 9th January. There are major forces in play on the romantic and relationship fronts and they are forces that will dominate the coming year. This makes the Moon’s first visit to your romantic sector for the year from the 10th January to the 12th January and to your relationship sector from the 15th January to the 17th January especially important. It is the later that will create a New Moon on the 17th January, giving you a chance to commit to your relationships, the future and the journey ahead.

Money 2017Cancer January 2018 Money Horoscope

January is a month when the focus will always shift onto your financial situation and money matters, due to the fact that the Sun will always return to your financial sector in January. Yet by the time the Sun returns to throw the solar spotlight onto your financial situation and money matters on the 20th January, as he does at this time every year, the scene exposed is very different to what is normally illuminated. What is normally illuminated is zero happening on the income front and the Sun returning to put the first focus on money matters in nearly a year.

Scrub all that for this is a financial year that is completely out of the box. Not only have you had the lunar nodes in your two money houses since last May, but Ceres in your income sector since September and Juno in your financial sector since mid December. After a series of eclipses last August, you have both a solar eclipse on the financial front and total lunar eclipse in your income sector next month. The total lunar eclipse falls in the early hours of February, but the Moon actually returns on the 31st January, so will be underway in the final hours of the month.

To have planetary activity on the income front in January is not the norm, but with things still coming together on the job front and the tide turning on the career front, the timing couldn’t be better. With Ceres in retrograde motion until March, as things come together professionally, this is giving you access to untapped income potential. Meanwhile, Venus’ return to your financial sector on the 18th January will put some serious focus on money matters, with the Sun returning two days later to begin your annual financial review. By then it will be clear that on the income and financial fronts, this is no ordinary year and the possibilities are endless.

Career 2017Cancer January 2018 Career Horoscope

The biggest impact this month is less what is here or developing and more what isn’t here. It was just before Christmas that Saturn left your work sector, bringing his three year push to a close. You are so used to being busy and to have Saturn constantly pushing you to stay focused, that this has become your normal. With the Sun and Venus both having left your work sector within days of Saturn, this has seen the focus on work and job matters drop back dramatically. You start the month with Mercury still in your work sector, but in his early days in direct motion in no hurry.

At the same time, with Uranus turning direct in your career sector on the 3rd January and Eris on the 10th January, they begin the month stationary and in direct motion. All three planets in your two professional houses are either in their early days direct or retrograde, are all barely moving and all have their ‘stop’ signs raised. This is a complete contrast to not just last month, but the last three years. What you have is a chance to finally catch your breath. Until leaving your work sector on the 11th January Mercury brings a chance to keep your head in the game but is also giving you a chance to hear yourself think.

This creates a very quiet start to this new professional year and that’s exactly what you need, for it won’t stay quiet. This pace will pick up dramatically on the work front when Mars returns on the 27th January. By then Uranus and Eris will have been in direct motion in your career sector for several weeks and the pace will be starting to pick up there as well. So enjoy this quiet start to the year and the chance to catch your breath before the next wave.

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