Cancer June 2017 Horoscope


June or at least the first three weeks of June is normally a quiet point of the year for you, with the wind down of your old solar year bringing a chance to cruise in life’s slow lane. There hasn’t been much chance of that this year, especially with such an active professional year. With Saturn in your work sector since 2014 and Uranus in your career sector since 2010 you’re used to having your work and professional hats on all year. However, apart from an active push on the job front in November and December and another on the career front in March/April, this usually eases back to a long term focus.

The focus on career matters centres on the Sun’s move through your career sector from around the 20th March to the 20th April, give or take a day each year. Because Venus and Mercury, who travel with the Sun, don’t adhere to such a strict schedule, this can often see career matters kick off in February and continue through to April. However, this year the active push began in December and doesn’t end until Venus finally leaves your career sector on the 6th June.

This has made it hard to spend any time in life’s slow lane, let alone find time to hear yourself think. However, you have had one champion and this is the reason for any work tension and job pressure late last month. In the final weeks of a two year Mars cycle, Mars has confronted Saturn, over in your work sector, demanding that you pace yourself. Tensions will each back when Mars leaves a nostalgic part of your chart on the 5th June, but his return to Cancer will see the pace of life in general pick up. With little time for life in the slow lane this year, heed the messages of the past few months when it comes to work/life balance and working smarter.

Love 2017Cancer June 2017 Love Horoscope

Don’t be put off by a lack of romantic activity or the fact that Venus, planet of love is running late. Venus won’t even return to Cancer until early August, after your birthday month has been and gone. Yet the message from Venus is the same this month as it has been for several months, which is to ‘trust me’. For the last four months Venus seems to have been more focused on professional rather than romantic matters.

Yet knowing what lies ahead, Venus has been working behind the scenes to try and create the right work/life balance. That might not seem important now, but with professional matters continuing to evolve all year this was always going to be important. Even more so with your luckiest year for love starting in October. Venus’ late return to Cancer this year will be an advantage, for by the time she leaves lucky Jupiter will be just over six weeks away from your romantic sector. Already this is something the love gods are lining up for, with last month’s Full Moon in your romantic sector the first chance to jump start matters of the heart.

The Moon will come full circle from this from the 5th June to the 8th June. These romantically charged lunar vibes will be in effect when Venus finally returns to a social and serendipitous part of your chart on the 6th June. For the following month Venus will keep the laws of attraction and synchronicity in effect. The closest Venus will have come this year to bringing at least some romantic influence into play.

Money 2017Cancer June 2017 Money Horoscope

For the first time in 17 years the North Node is spending its first full month in your income sector and the South Node in your financial sector. This is your new reality now for the next 18 months and has been since the lunar nodes returned to your two money houses on the 10th May. While each has a very different influence, as the lunar nodes are always in opposition, there is a constant battle or balancing act between income and money matters. That will continue through to November 2018 and this will also trigger multiple eclipses, so is a big deal.

The first of those eclipses will be a Full Moon in your financial sector and total solar eclipse in your income sector in August. The first full month of this new 18 month journey is more about adjusting to a balancing act between money coming in and money going out and the different influences. It’s when the Sun, Mercury and Mars all return to your income sector next month that you’ll appreciate the North Node’s auspicious influence. Apart from Jupiter, the North Node is considered the luckiest influence in our charts and where the North Node is located there is an opportunity for growth.

This puts you at the start of what could be a very lucrative 18 month period. However, this has to be balanced with taking care of money matters as a whole. The Moon’s visit to your two money houses also becomes more important. Every two weeks that balance will be put to the test, as the Moon visits your income and financial sectors. However, a need for balance is now constant.

Career 2017Cancer June 2017 Career Horoscope

You finally reach a point in the early part of the month when the focus on the career front moves back to the big picture. This has been an almost manic professional year, one that hasn’t yet brought that chance you normally get to catch your breath. With Uranus in your career sector since 2010 and Saturn in your work sector since 2014 you’re used to having your work and professional hats on 24/7, but not to the extent you’ve needed to this year. The Sun will typically move through your career sector from the 21st March to the 20th April, give or take a day either side.

Because Venus and Mercury travel with the Sun, but can arrive later or earlier, things can often kick off in early March or even February and on the other side can extend out to May. This year things kicked off with Mars’ return just before Christmas and as for trailing off after the Sun’s departure? Well, you’re still waiting for that. By the time Venus finally leaves your career sector on the 6th June you’ll have been in the fast lane for nearly six months. Saturn, in retrograde motion in your work sector, has been trying to pull things back.

Any work tension and job pressure last month and especially in the later part of the month, was Mars helping to apply the brakes as well. By the time Venus eventually leaves on the 6th June, she’ll have spent the majority of the last four months here. Even the four weeks she took off was when the Sun moved through, so there was no break. When Venus leaves the reins will go back to Uranus, who here until March 2019 is, like Saturn, playing a long game. Finally, with a huge amount of momentum under your belt you should be able to find a more manageable pace.

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