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Even though the Sun won’t return to Cancer until the 21st June, while the final three weeks of your old solar year is playing out Venus is already here and is already opening new doors. Yet while this is giving your heart a jump on your new solar year, with a chance to already get a peek at what it holds, it’s what she sees that will really have you excited. The month begins with Venus aligned with Jupiter and Neptune, creating a rare grand trine that starts the month with a strong mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia in play.

As the planet of love, Venus was delighted to return to find lucky Jupiter in your romantic and creative sector. With Neptune in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, Venus is drawing on both. With Jupiter already in retrograde motion and Neptune turning direct on the 19th June, the doors are either already open or will be open to the past and second chances. In any other year, this is something you wouldn’t have time for, but things have dialled back professionally.

Uranus’ departure from your career sector last month has dialled things back and it’s not until November that things will roar back into life, in a busy way that you’re familiar with. Yet after a Full Moon in your work sector in the closing days of May and enough forces on the career front to keep the wheels turning, there is no danger of losing your professional momentum. What you do have though, is a better chance to find a balance between work and play. Both income and money matters should also get a boost this month, especially from the 14th June.

Love 2017Cancer June 2018 Love Horoscope

It was over the last weekend of May that Venus clashed with Saturn in your relationship sector. Venus returns to Cancer once a year, but this is the first time she has returned to find Saturn in your relationship sector since 1990. It was their opposition late last month that may have created some relationship tension, but as the planet of love and guardian of your relationships, Venus was the perfect planet to get any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs out in the open. With that out of the way and knowing that Mercury, planet of communication’s return to Cancer on the 13th June will bring a chance to get the communication lines open, Venus has already switched her focus to a more romantic agenda.

While it has been three decades since Venus last returned to Cancer to find Saturn in your relationship sector, it has been 12 years since she returned to find lucky Jupiter in your romantic sector. Venus begins the month in a three way alignment with Jupiter on the romantic front and Neptune on the adventurous front. With Jupiter in his last full month in retrograde motion, the doors are even open to the past and second chances, with a strong sense of romantic nostalgia in the air.

It is the three way alignment between the planets of love, luck and dreams that flood the early days of the month with a potent mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia. This will continue even after Venus leaves Cancer on the 14th June. Venus’ job is to redefine your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the new solar year that begins on 21st June, with the bar raised on both fronts from the get go.

Money 2017Cancer June 2018 Money Horoscope

Things heat up on both the income and financial fronts this month and while that does mean that there could be one specific period where there might be some financial tension, this also creates the potential for a breakthrough. There is usually no planetary activity in either of your money houses at this time of year, with the Sun not returning to your income sector until after your birthday month ends in late July. Yet with the South Node in your financial sector and the North Node in your income sector since May 2017, the money gods have been working to balance money coming in and money going out.

It was Ceres’ return to your income sector last September that tilted the scales more towards income matters, but Mars’ return to your financial sector last month outweighed her. This has seen the balance of power swing back towards money matters as a whole, as Mars fuels your financial passions and fighting spirit. Since his return on the 16th May, the focus has been less on money coming in and more on fighting to take your financial power back.

Yet there is yet another shift this month, with Venus returning to your income sector on the 14th June. Venus is an even match for Mars and it is their opposition from the 21st June to the 23rd June that could create some financial tension. Yet as the planet of money Venus knows how to attract the money, with a bit of pressure from Mars only making her more determined. At the same time, pressure on Mars will simply add more fuel to his financial passions and fighting spirit. It is Mars’ retrograde turn on the 27th June that will see money matters take a back seat, giving income matters a chance to thrive.

Career 2017Cancer June 2018 Career Horoscope

With Uranus gone from your career sector, there isn’t the pressure or the intensity of the past and not just of the past few months. Until Uranus left last month he had been here since 2010, constantly adjusting your direction in order to put you on the most authentic path possible. It is said that an aircraft is off course 90 percent of the time, but the navigational systems constantly correct this and keep the aircraft on track. Uranus has been your navigational system for the past eight years, constantly correcting your course, in a way that for the majority of the time you had little control over.

Uranus knows the destination, so this has all been to your advantage and a lot will be revealed when he not only dips back in for a double dip visit in November, but just as lucky Jupiter returns to your work sector. Yet with Uranus gone and a Full Moon on the work front in the closing days of May, there is a chance now to settle back, with the focus more on the journey than on continuing to reinvent the wheel. As the month progresses and especially once Venus returns to your income sector on the 14th June, you will find that a lot less effort is required to keep the wheels turning.

The Moon’s return to your career sector from the 8th June to the 10th June will be a valuable chance to check in. As the Moon fuels your professional instincts and imagination, this will give you access to the three planets still keeping career matters and your professional year on track, though in a more subtle way. Another important point in the month is during the Moon’s return to your work sector from the 25th June to the 28th June. As the Moon comes full circle from last month’s Full Moon, this could trigger some unexpected developments across the income, work and career fronts.

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