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The most important factor about June is that it’s not May. Without a doubt, May was always going to not only be the most challenging month of the year for you, but a month where there was so much change that it would have been hard to know what way was up at times. Just when you thought things had stopped changing, another change occurred. There was one point, in the week between the 14th May and the 21st May, that you experienced more changes and shifts than at any other point this year. The biggest of those shifts was Uranus’ departure from Aries on the 16th May and that’s what makes June such a stable month.

Uranus, planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected had been in Aries since 2010 and as the planet that constantly seeks the truth, you can think of him as your navigational system. You might veer off course at times, but he would always pull you back, whether you were ready or willing. As Uranus spends his first full month in your income sector, that instability that after eight years became unsettling personally is now exciting. This is a whole new journey and because there is nothing established, all change is exciting. With Uranus in your income sector until 2026, Saturn in your career sector until 2020 and Pluto until 2024, income and career forces are settling in for the long haul.

Uranus’ departure from Aries has also taken a lot of pressure off your relationships, which is why all the communication support this month is important. This is also an important month for home and family matters and that is even before the Sun returns to your home and family sector on the 21st June. Venus will start the month here, with home where your heart is. Work/life balance is important this month, especially with some exciting developments on the fun, playful, romantic and creative front.

Love 2017Aries June 2018 Love Horoscope

The last two months have been intense and the majority of May in particular and for that reason alone, June is a month that is good for the spirits and for just being a circuit breaker in general. It is a bonus then that this is also a stunning month for both romantic and relationship matters. For your relationships this is more indirect, which is how you want it, for too much direct focus on your relationships can create tension and definitely intensity. Instead, the support for your relationships is coming from the communication front.

With Mercury, planet of communication in your communication sector until the 13th June and the Sun until the 21st June, there is plenty of support to ensure the communication lines are open. The Moon’s return to your relationship sector from the 21st June to the 23rd June will be a chance to take advantage of that. Yet the real magic this month is on the romantic front. The spirit of romance has been present for some time, but in a subtle way that had been drowned out by more dominant forces.

That was already starting to shift but the real game changer is Venus, planet of love’s return to your romantic sector on the 14th June. Returning over a month ahead of the Sun, Venus returns to kick off the most romantically charged months of the year, much earlier than expected. If there is anyone who can fire up the spirit of romance then it is Venus, who will carve a path for the Sun and Mercury to follow over the coming months.

Money 2017Aries June 2018 Money Horoscope

While the Sun, Mercury and Venus have now all been and gone from your income sector and this would normally bring all planetary activity on the income front to a close for the year, you’re now into a new normal. That new normal began with Uranus’ return to your income sector last month, with June the first full month of the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected’s eight year visit.  Along with Saturn in your career sector until 2020 and Pluto until 2024, Uranus has begun a journey through your income sector that will take until 2026 to run its course.

The fact that you have Jupiter on the other side of the sky in your financial sector is not a problem for either, with Uranus and Jupiter never coming close to an opposition. However, these two cosmic giants are keeping each other balanced and while this is unlikely to create financial tension, they are balancing each other out in a way that demands a balance between money coming in and money going out. You’re not able to focus on money coming in without focusing on money matters as a whole. Yet on both sides of the fence there is nothing but support.

This makes the Moon’s monthly visits to your two money houses a lot more important and also equally weighted. The Moon’s return to your income sector from the 10th June to the 12th June is a valuable chance to sharpen your nose for money, but for those few days tilt the scales so the focus is all on money coming in. Yet this will be balanced by the Moon’s return to your financial sector from the 23rd June to the 25th June. Here the Moon will fuel your financial instincts and imagination, while titling the scales towards your financial situation and money matters as a whole.

Career 2017Aries June 2018 Career Horoscope

For the most part, you have a fairly stable and low key professional month, with the only challenge you’re facing being a need to take work/life balance seriously. But considering that Saturn and Pluto are both in retrograde motion in your career sector and Saturn is all about taking responsibility, this is something even the professional gods will support. Any clash between your home and professional lives will be short lived, coming in short but sharp waves that will flush out any work/life balance issues.

Yet this is simply the price you have to pay for having Saturn in your career sector until 2020 and Pluto until 2024. There will come a time in every year when the focus shifts to home and family matters and that time is now, but the timing couldn’t be better. With Saturn and Pluto both in retrograde motion they are not interested in pushing things forward and after Mars left last month, want to pull back. This is unlikely to impact your professional confidence, for Saturn allows you to see this as simply the housekeeping that must be addressed at some point.

This is being balanced by the support both planets in your career sector are receiving from Uranus, as he spends his first full month in your income sector in eight decades. With Ceres returning to your work sector on the 28th June and Venus early next month, this is a chance to pull back and regroup before new doors open on the job front next month. For once things start to move on the job front they will not be bound by the same need to hold back.

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