Aquarius June 2017 Horoscope


While you have a busy, exciting and dynamic month, home is likely to be where the heart is. This won’t take away from anything else and if anything, this will make those moments when you are home all the more special. It is on the 5th June that your professional year finally fires up, with Mars’ return to your work sector. This marks the start of a developing situation on the job front that will flow into some major developments on the career front in October. What you can’t know in the early part of the month, is that once things start to move professionally they won’t slow down for another three years. Make the most of a chance to catch your breath at the start of the month and in particular Mars’ final days in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart.

The Sun and Mercury will continue on from where he leaves off, but with Mars returning to fire things up on the job front, this is when you’ll need to get serious about a balance between work and play. Yet off on her own tangent is Venus, who finally returns to your home and family sector on the 6th June, where she’ll stay until the 5th July. This is the reason why home is likely to be where the heart is this month and with life becoming a lot busier, she will spend the majority of the month turning your home and family life into your castle and your sanctuary.

There is nothing more pleasurable than getting home after a busy day and relaxing into all your familiar routines and rituals. If you have enjoyed them before you’ll enjoy them even more once Venus is on board and even more as life becomes busier. Jupiter’s direct turn on the 10th June will also guard against life becoming all work and no play. This will take the planet of luck and expansion into his final months in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery and he’ll be determined to make them count. Start the month believing you can have it all.

Love 2017Aquarius June 2017 Love Horoscope

That the focus is on matters of the heart this month is not surprising, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of June in your romantic sector. Yet there is also something a lot deeper taking place. There had been no planetary activity in your romantic sector since mid 2016 before Mars returned on the 21st April. Returning a month ahead of the Sun and ahead of any need for reality checks, Mars was able to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit without any need to keep it real. Mars was here when the Sun returned a month later, but by then he was not alone.

It was on the 29th April that Ceres returned to your romantic sector for the first time in four years, teaming up with Mars for the first time here in 23 years. While Mars gives you the courage to fight for what you want from love, Ceres is the one planet that can get to the heart of what it is you’re fighting for. Mars will leave your romantic sector on the 5th June and the Sun and Mercury will both leave on the 21st June. This should bring all the planetary activity for the year to a close, except for the two goddesses of the solar system.

Ceres, dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system won’t leave until the 10th July, so she will still be here when Venus, planet of love and fellow goddess returns on the 5th July. This will continue this romantic journey out to the early days of August. Mars’ departure will see the Sun’s reality checks take precedence, but considering what is to come, you’ll be ready for that. In the meantime, the North Node’s first full month in your relationship sector in 17 years brings something fateful into play on the relationship front as well.

Money 2017Aquarius June 2017 Money Horoscope

When the lunar nodes left your two money houses last month the impact on both was very different. With no planetary activity in your financial sector, the North Node’s departure on the 10th May left you with a clear and confident sense of financial direction, but brought all focus here to an end. When the North Node arrived in November 2015 Jupiter had been in your financial sector since August and a parade of planets had been preparing for this since June.

So when the North Node left last month, this brought nearly two years of focus on money matters to an end. The North Node is second only to Jupiter in terms of luck and growth, so to have had both here for so long and for the North Node to carry that legacy nine months after Jupiter left, has left you with something rich and enduring. You’ve been left with a clear sense of financial direction and the kind of momentum that will keep money matters moving until the faster planets start returning in August.

When the South Node left your income sector on the same day the impact was very different. Where the North Node is about growth, the South Node is about the past, so its departure actually set income matters free. With Neptune and Chiron in your income sector there are also planets here to keep the momentum going. With Mars returning to your work sector on the 5th June and the Sun and Mercury on the 21st June, the first real professional push for the year will arrive to a wealth of untapped income potential. While the money gods have now shifted all their resources onto income matters, the Moon will give you an intuitive read on money matters as a whole in the first and final two days of the month.

Career 2017Aquarius June 2017 Career Horoscope

That there has been no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses this year is the norm. Last year, when Mars spent the first seven months of 2016 moving into, out of and back into your career sector, was the exception to the rule. What you can’t know, in the early days of the month, is that once things start to move that it will be another three years before they quieten down again. An explosion of job and career developments over the coming years will continue through to May 2020.

So as you move into the new month and once again find, well nothing, make the most of it, knowing it won’t last. You have just four days to enjoy the quieter pace, for once it’s gone it will be three years before it’s back. The planet that will not only kick things off for the year, but this incredible domino effect over the coming months and years is Mars, with his return to your work sector on the 5th June. Mars becomes the first planet in either of your two professional houses this year and is the first planet to kick things off. Mars will only beat the Sun and Mercury by 16 days, but the warrior planet of the cosmos can do a lot in 16 days.

The Sun and Mercury will both return on the 21st June, kicking off a more objective period. Mars is pure hot headed enthusiasm, with a chance to throw yourself into the things that excite you without a need for reality checks or to over thinking things. What Mars kicks off on the 5th June will take until late September to play out, bringing you to just days from Jupiter’s return to your career sector and the start of your biggest professional year in over a decade. This is the first stepping stone to a massive period of job and professional growth.

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