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While it is not common to move into the New Year with planetary activity in your career sector, it does happen. In 2011 Venus was running late and was still wrapping up her annual visit, while in 2013 and 2014 you moved into the New Year with Saturn here. These were aberrations to the norm and that’s what is happening this year. This time, however, this is not Saturn, hard taskmaster of the cosmos on board and it is not Venus, who at best would be here for a few days into the New Year. This time you begin the year with Mars and Jupiter not only in your career sector, but the planets of passion and luck aligned in the early part of the month.

With Mars not leaving until the 27th January and Jupiter here until November, your most auspicious year for professional growth in over a decade is getting off to an auspicious start. It is also getting off to a potentially lucrative start, even if the real evidence of that isn’t felt until next month. There is a lot of love between Mars and Jupiter in your income sector and Neptune in your income sector. The Sun, Mercury and Venus’ return next month will help you exploit that.

Yet this might be a big professional year, but the first three weeks of January are always when you are winding down your old solar year. Until the Sun returns to Aquarius on the 20th January, there is always going to be a need to spend time in life’s slow lane, taking time to reflect and recharge your batteries. Yet even after your birthday month and new solar year begins on the 20th January this will continue, as Saturn spends his first full month in your sector of subconscious thinking, imagination and review. You have begun the three year wind down of your current Saturn cycle, just as your professional life is taking off. From the get go focus on knowing when to keep your professional hat on and when to take it off.

Love 2017Aquarius January 2018 Love Horoscope

With Venus, planet of love in a nostalgic part of your chart until the 18th January, she’ll contribute to a general boost in romantic confidence that could take you by surprise. It began with the Moon’s return to your romantic sector in the final days of December and not leaving until the 1st January, this means the year starts on a romantic note. This is the first time that you have moved into the New Year with romantically charged lunar vibes in play since 2007 and while the Moon will leave on New Year’s Day, this is a bell that can’t be unrung.

However, that is just one reason for a sense of romantic confidence from the get go. Having Venus in a nostalgic part of your chart is another, for these romantically charged lunar vibes will fuse with a sense of romantic nostalgia to create a potent mix of romantic confidence, nostalgia and anticipation from the get go. Yet the main reason for a surge in romantic confidence at the critical moment that you move into the New Year is what isn’t there. This is the Moon’s first visit in three years where Saturn is not in opposition and there are no roadblocks.

By the time the Moon comes full circle, returning to your romantic sector from the 27th January to the 29th January, the romantic nostalgia will be gone and there will be nothing but anticipation and open doors. For on the 18th January Venus, planet of love will return to Aquarius, opening new doors and bringing a chance to turn the high hopes you began the year with into reality. The year will also start with a sense of nostalgia on the relationship front as well, with Ceres spending her first full month in retrograde motion in your relationship sector in 22 years. Here there is nothing but confidence, hope and the element of fate in play. 2018 is off to a good start on both fronts.

Money 2017Aquarius January 2018 Money Horoscope

With Neptune having turned direct in your income sector in November and Chiron last month, these long term residents are enjoying their first full month where they are both in direct motion. This should be a quiet month for income matters giving Chiron, who has been in your income sector since 2010 and Neptune, who has been here since 2012, time to find their feet before the Sun, Venus and Mercury return next month. However, what should be a quiet month has the potential to be anything but, with these two slow and patient planets being swept up in a maelstrom of professional activity.

For the first time in decades, you start the month and the year with Mars and Jupiter aligned in your career sector. This is great news professionally, especially as this was always going to be an expansive year for professional growth and opportunities. Yet by the time the year begins, both have already forged a strong partnership with Neptune and Chiron in your income sector. The money and professional gods have created a pack, with income and career matters expanding together throughout the coming year.

Things get an additional boost from a Full Moon in your work sector on the 2nd January, creating an auspicious start to the year across the income, work and career fronts. So while the Sun, Mercury and Venus, the planets that can make things happen and show you the money, don’t return until next month, everything is being set up for a lucrative start to the year this month. The Moon’s first visit to your income sector for the year, from the 20th January to the 22nd January, will be a chance to sharpen your nose for money and gain a lucrative sense of direction.

Career 2017Aquarius January 2018 Career Horoscope

The last time that you started the year with Mars and Jupiter in your career sector was in 1971. However, 47 years ago Jupiter was in his final days and Mars was never going to catch up and align before he left. Back then you got a taste of the full force that you get this time around, quite literally making this one of the most powerful starts to a new professional year in our lifetime. Nearly five decades on Jupiter is not getting ready to leave and instead is here not until November. This is at the start of your biggest professional year in over a decade.

Another difference is that this year Mars will catch up, with the planets of passion and luck aligned in your career sector from the 6th January to the 9th January. Jupiter and Mars have aligned here several times in the last five decades, the last time being in 2006. However, starting the year together rather than coming together halfway through a professional year already underway is a very different story. Starting the year with Mars and Jupiter aligned in your career sector, allows you to start the year with a massive amount of support. Even if everything dropped off after that, the year would have had its dream start and that would be yours to keep.

However, things do not drop off, with Mars continuing to drive things forward until he leaves on the 27th January. As if that wasn’t advantage enough, the Moon’s return to your career sector on New Year’s Day will do far more than sharpen your professional instincts and give you a sense of professional direction in the early days of the month. A Full Moon here on the 2nd January is a Super Moon, one that jump starts this professional year, creating an auspicious start to the year across the income, work and career fronts. This is not a blip or a false sense of what they have to offer and if anything, this is a year that will over deliver on its early promise.

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