Aquarius October 2017 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career


There is very little at the start of the month to suggest the sea change that is about to happen and the professional surge this will create. In fact there is nothing to suggest this. It was only at the end of September that Ceres left your work sector, finally bringing all planetary activity on the work front to close for the year, two months later than is often the case. Usually there can be up to a three month gap between the last planetary activity on the work front and the Sun’s return to your career sector on the 23rd October.

The Sun returns to throw the solar spotlight on your career and professional game at the same time every year and first impressions suggests that things are running to normal. Running to normal means the Sun is in his final weeks in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery and there is a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure in the air. Instead, by the time you reach the 11th October your biggest professional year in over a decade will be underway.

For it is on the 11th October that Jupiter leaves your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery and returns to your career sector, for the first time since 2006. In the process this completely changes the dynamics of not only this professional year, but the year itself. In terms of what this opens the doors to on the career front, this is just the start of an 18 month journey. This will have implications on the income front as well.

Love 2017Aquarius October 2017 Love Horoscope

There are some surprise developments on the relationship front this month, something that will have implications not just this month, but for months, if not years to come. While the Sun left your relationship sector just days after August’s total solar eclipse here, Venus only returned just days later. Whatever the solar eclipse triggered Mercury, Mars and Venus stayed on to exploit it. It was late last month that Venus finally left, supposedly ending all planetary activity on the relationship front for the year.

With the North Node, the force behind August’s solar eclipse here until November 2018, there was never any danger of relationship developments going off the boil. However, without planetary activity this would tick away in the background. All that changes when, just four days after Venus left, Ceres returned. As the queen of nurturing, Ceres is charged with looking after your needs and once every four years, she will spend three months delving deep into your relationship needs. With so much water having passed under the bridge and the North Node here, this is a game changer.

If you know what you want from your relationships you definitely have the means to make it happen. Except Ceres is not here for three months and isn’t here until June 2018. She will still be here when Venus returns next year, guaranteeing continuous planetary activity there through to September 2018. This is the first time that Ceres has met up with the North Node in your relationship sector in 18 years, bringing you to the start of a fateful new relationship journey.

Money 2017Aquarius October 2017 Money Horoscope

There is a lot of good news on the income and financial fronts this month. On the financial front this is fairly mundane in that it is a real boost for your financial confidence and money matters as a whole, but is not life or game changing. But on the income front it definitely falls into this category. At the same time of the month it is business as usual and there may even be some financial tension or at least a dent in your financial and/or income confidence.

The price you have to pay for having continuous planetary activity in your income sector from 2003 to 2026 is that as the Sun and faster planets move through your financial sector, which they do in August and September each year, they will move into opposition. In the 10 day period from Saturday 23rd September to Sunday 1st October there were so many oppositions between income and financial forces that as one ended another began. The last, an opposition between Venus and Neptune, is still playing out as you move into the new month.

Yet as both Venus and Mars will move into opposition with Chiron in your income sector before they leave your financial sector, Venus on the 14th October and Mars on the 23rd October, income forces will be immune from any pressure. Everything changes with Jupiter’s return to your career sector on the 11th October, kicking off your biggest year for professional growth and expansion in over a decade. Jupiter was last here in 2005/2006, before Neptune’s return to your income sector in 2012. This is the first and only time in our lifetime that you will have Neptune in your income sector and Jupiter in your career sector at the same time and this will be the case until November 2018.

Career 2017Aquarius October 2017 Career Horoscope

It was in the closing days of September that Ceres left your work sector, finally bringing all planetary activity on the work front to a close for the year. After nearly four months, this had given work and job matters as much of a push as the professional gods could, while giving you a chance to pull back and let things settle. Because the Sun will always return to your career sector in October, you need that break between work and career forces. In most years that break can be up to three months. The Sun always leaves your work sector in July and this is when all focus on work and job matters ends for the year.

With the Sun not returning to your career sector until the 23rd October, this gives you up to three months without any professional gods on the field. This year you have just 17 days. For it is just 17 days after Ceres left your work sector last month that Jupiter will return to your career sector, for the first time in over a decade. Arriving 12 days before the Sun and six days before Mercury returns on the 17th October, Jupiter is able to get in first and open the doors to your most important professional year in over decade.

Jupiter himself will stay on until November 2018, but the forces that will tie up loose ends will be here until March 2019. This makes the first 10 days of the month critical for keeping your professional hat off, knowing it will be your last chance for another 18 months. The Moon’s return to your work sector on the 11th October will ensure you start this massive year for professional growth and expansion with an intuitive read on work and job matters from the get go.

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