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With the Sun always spending the first three weeks of February in Aquarius, whether you are a January or a February born Aquarian, this is your month. This year you have a lot more resources to not just make your birthday month count, but in the process get this new solar year off to an empowered start. One of those resources is Venus, who is spending a lot more time in Aquarius this year. Last year Venus left on the 3rd January, spending less than 72 hours of 2017 in Aquarius. This year Venus returned on the 18th January and won’t leave until the 11th February. You began your birthday month with Venus here and you begin February with Venus still in Aquarius, giving your heart a voice.

What makes this not just a well resourced start to your new solar year but an astounding one, is a solar eclipse in Aquarius on the 16th February. With Mercury leaving on the 18th February and the Sun on the 19th February, in the closing days of your birthday month this will create the potential for major new beginnings. Unlike last year, which saw the Sun’s departure from all planetary activity in Aquarius come to an end, with Mars due to spend a lot of time here this year, you’re able to focus more on starting goals, quests, ambitions or journeys. Mars will return for what should be a six week visit in May, but won’t leave until November, with a need for a lot of faith in the future.

This should not only be a good month professionally, but a lucrative month as well. When Venus returns to your income sector on the 11th February, Mercury on the 18th February and the Sun on the 19th February it will be to find that for the first time in over a decade, you have lucky Jupiter in your career sector. At the same time this is a stunning month across the communication, friendship and relationship building fronts.

Love 2017Aquarius February 2018 Love Horoscope

In 2017 Venus, planet of love spent less than 72 hours in Aquarius. You began last year with Venus in Aquarius, but she was gone by the 3rd January and didn’t return until last month. This year you have the planet of love on board from her return on the 18th January through to her departure on the 11th January. Venus returned two days before your birthday month and new solar year began, so was able to give your heart a voice from the get go. This also means you will have Venus on board as the month begins with a powerful total lunar eclipse in your relationship sector underway.

As the planet of love and guardian of your relationships Venus is not only focused on updating your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year, but on seizing opportunities now. You will always have a Full Moon in your relationship sector at some point during your birthday month and in opposition with the Sun this can create some personal and/or relationship tension. Because this is not just a lunar eclipse but a total lunar eclipse this could be especially strong, especially as the forces behind this eclipse and a solar eclipse in Aquarius on the 16th February have a lot of history.

The reason for both eclipses is that you have had the North Node in your relationship sector and South Node in Aquarius since last May, policing a need for balance between your personal and relationship needs. This will see things come to a head at the start of the month but Mercury, planet of communication’s return to Aquarius right in the middle of the lunar eclipse will turn this into an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. The Moon returned on the 31st January and will leave on the 2nd February, getting everything out in the open in the early days of the month.

Money 2017Aquarius February 2018 Money Horoscope

With the Sun always returning to your income sector in February, February and March are always going to be the most potentially lucrative months of any year. This is partly because with Neptune here since 2012 there is always a huge amount of potential that is ripe for the picking when the Sun returns on the 19th February, as he does each year. Yet this year the deck is stacked a little more in your favour, with all the indications suggesting that this year’s annual update could be a lot more lucrative.

The main reason for that is that for the first time in 12 years you have lucky Jupiter in your career sector. Jupiter and Neptune have already moved into a friendly alliance since the planet of luck and expansion returned to your career sector in October and they will move back into the same alliance twice more over the course of the year. Another reason is that the same planets that helped Jupiter get career matters moving in the final months of 2017, will make it to your income sector this month. When they move into the same positive alignment with Jupiter they will be linking into a professional energy they helped to create.

It also helps that Venus, planet of money is the first of the faster planets to reach your income sector, arriving on the 11th February. Returning a week ahead of Mercury on the 18th February and eight days before the Sun returns on the 19th February, Venus is able to spend a week fuelling your confidence, attracting opportunities and steering things in a lucrative direction before you have to get your head in the game. Thanks to the Moon’s visit to your income sector from the 2nd February to the 4th February, your nose for money will be sharp when Venus returns a week later.

Career 2017Aquarius February 2018 Career Horoscope

Things settle back to a new normal on the career front this month, the point in each year when all planetary activity on the career front has usually run its course for the year. The Sun will always return to your career sector in October and spend the first three weeks of November here. The Sun will always be gone by the end of November each year but Mercury and Venus, who travel with the Sun can often run late, sometimes still wrapping things up in the early days of the New Year. However, even Mercury and Venus will have left your career sector by the time you reach February.

That is still the case this year, but career matters have not gone off the boil and won’t do at any point this year, but they do drop back to a more sustainable momentum. It was in early December, with the Sun not long gone from your career sector and Venus in her final days that Mars returned, for the first time in nearly two years. Mars also returned to find that Jupiter had returned in October and not leaving until November it was to find that this was more than the ordinary update career matters get in the final months of each year.

While Jupiter is here for the majority of the year, for the most part this is all about the journey, with Mars returning to fire things up. Mars only left on the 27th January, with Jupiter still in his early days on his own as you move into February. The Moon’s return to your career sector from the 6th February to the 9th February will bring a chance to regroup. With Jupiter turning retrograde next month, as well as sharpening your professional instincts the Moon will give you a sense of the pace Jupiter is setting, allowing you to match it. After Mars’ manic pace, this will bring a better chance to pace yourself.

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